Friday, March 14, 2014

My Holiday To Paihia.

This is an animation about how me and my family went to Paihia. It was a great trip. We had heaps of fun!! I hope you enjoy my movie. Here is a story to go with it:

In the Holidays, my family and I went to Paihia, in the Bay of Islands. There we had a late Christmas and we went to some really cool things. We went through the Hole in the Rock and we went to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds which was AWESOME!! On the first day, after a long trip, we settled in and set up our beds. 

That night we had presents and dinner with the rest of my Mum's family. For the rest of the week, we went through the Hole in the Rock, go on a long ferry trip, have lunch in Russell, go through the awesome Waitangi Treaty Grounds, walked to the beach and just hung out around the shops and things. 

On the last night we were there, my family and I cooked dinner for everyone. We cooked Butter Chicken, Chicken Curry and some veggies on the side. They seemed to enjoy so that was good. The next day, my Mum, Dad, younger sister, brother, cousin and I went home early so that my Mum could go to work. Everyone else came home a day later. 

I really enjoyed my holiday in Paihia, it was probably the best holiday that I have ever been on. I really want to go back, stay with the same people, in the same place. 

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