Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Bio Poems

This week I have been writing my own Bio Poems. Here are two that I have written. It may say the same thing in the second one that it said in the first. I hope you enjoy them and find out something interesting about me.

My name is Ana

I am musical, Samoan, adventurous, determined, humorous and confident.

I am the daughter of Greg and Chris. I have one older brother, an older sister and two younger sisters.

I love to play sport, sing, dance and hang out with my friends.

Most times I feel joyful and happy but not always because everyone feels sad at times.

Even though I wasn’t born in Samoa, I spent the first year of my life there and I am very proud of where I come from.

The thing that I need is very warm clothes since I am allergic to the cold. (I have Cold Urticaria)

I am scared of big dogs and being by myself when my house is dark.

I would someday like to go to Hawaii and surf there with my family.

I am a citizen of Auckland, New Zealand and I live in Glen Innes.

My name is Ana

I am the child of Greg and Chris

I love the Lord, singing and dancing

I hate having to wait for the shower when my brother or sister is in there.

I want to go to Hawaii or Fiji.

I wish I could have met my ancestors.

I am scared of big dogs and being alone when my house is dark.

I dream of either being a school teacher or a famous singer.

I am determined to show others what I think and know is right and wrong.

I am proud of who I am and where I come from, Samoa.

I live in Glen Innes, Auckland, New Zealand.

My name is Ana.

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