Thursday, April 30, 2015

Letter to George Bollinger

This is a letter that I wrote during Literacy to send to a NZ soldier who fought in WW1 if he was still alive. If you look further down on my blog, you will see my presentation about George Bollinger. People from New Zealand treated him differently from everyone else during the time when he was alive.

Dear George,
I believe that you are now in France fighting against the Germans. I  heard about all the things that  people from New Zealand have done to you, they doubted you and didn’t believe you. I am very sorry that this has happened. I believe you when you say that you will fight for the British even though you are of German descent. I want to thank you being brave and volunteering to go back to war.Without the soldiers that fought, New Zealand wouldn’t be like it is now. Many people would agree that you are a very loyal to New Zealand no matter what culture you are.
Kind Regards
Ana, Class 3

Miss Clark's Birthday Maths Presentation

Last week in maths, we got given this presentation with questions that my maths teacher, Miss Clark created. This is my copy of the presentation with my answers included. I will have another presentation up soon with this week's presentation questions and answers. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Dad's Graduation

Last week, my Dad graduated from Massey University. He had been going to University for three years and Massey University is the third university that he has been to in his life. The graduation was held at the Bruce Mason Theatre in Takapuna after all the graduates walked down Hurtsmere Rd. There were over 1200 graduates over the week and just under 200 during my Dad's graduation session. He graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy which is his 3rd degree.

Even though my Dad had to study and go to lectures, we still saw him more than we did when he used to work everyday 9-5. He was able to come on school trips, camps, pick us up and drop us off at school everyday. I am so proud of my Dad for graduating, he has worked so hard to get to this point, not only studying and preparing for exams but also looking after us kids while my Mum was at work. I am going to miss seeing him so often when he gets another job as a more certified accountant.

War Story - George Bollinger Presentation

This past week, Aoraki (My Reading Group) was assigned a reading task to watch a short video about NZ soldier George Bollinger. This presentation shows my answers to the questions made by my teacher, Mrs Tele'a. George Bollinger fought in WW1 from 1915-1917. To find out more, check out my presentation :-)

Memorial Service Recount

ANZAC day was on Saturday and on Friday, our school had a memorial service after our normal assembly. A memorial was especially made this term for our service and will be there for at least 2-3 months. It was made to commemorate the NZ soldiers who fought for our country in WW1.

As you can see from the image above, there is a small field with 30 crosses with names of soldiers who fought in WW1. On the wall behind the field, there is a picture of two men and a  poppy. Mr Jacobsen drew the image onto the wall himself and you can see him there in the progress of painting. The memorial makes me remember the ANZAC soldiers and how much they did for New Zealand and Australia. It makes me think about what our lives would be like if they didn’t go and fight for us.

After our weekly assembly, Pt England school walked outside to observe the memorial. The last post played before two of the prefects said the ANZAC ode in English and in Maori. A prayer was then prayed before the reveille played. To finish off the short service, the whole school had a moment of silence to remember the ANZAC soldiers who fought for us.

Friday, April 24, 2015

TImeline Zeal Zone

This week in Zeal Zone, each group were given a date from the timeline of WW1. Then we had to find five facts and images about that day to show you all. Our group got 3 February 1915. That was the day when the NZ soldiers first saw combat. They were defending the Suez Canal from the Ottoman Empire who were trying to destroy it. This image shows the facts that we have researched and put together for you. We hope you enjoy.

By Quasia, Jordenne, Hannah and Ana

Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Thoughts and Feelings

These are my thoughts and feelings about the memorial that is at Pt England School. The memorial was created to commemorate the soldiers who fought for us in WW1.