Monday, April 30, 2012

Holiday Recount

“Ana!” shouted Mum and Dad. “Coming!” I slowly walked to the kitchen because I thought I was in trouble. When I got into the kitchen Nana asked me, “How good are you at packing bags?” “Not very good.” I replied. “If you had to go away for a few days what would you take with you?” “Mmmm..... I thought. “Clothes, togs......” I replied. “Okay, can you please go and pack your bag so I can take you to stay with Sally?” asked Nana. “Whhhhhhoooooaaaaaaa!!!!!” I screamed and ran into my bedroom and started packing. My sisters thought I was crazy and came into my room and said, “What happened, are you okay?” After I told them they went back into the lounge and carried on with the movie that they were watching.

Sally is my cousin and she has been my best friend since we were born because we are 11 weeks and 2 days apart. She now lives in Tauranga so I only get to see her in the holidays. Sally has two brothers, Harry and Jack. Jack is the oldest and Harry is the youngest. Nana lives in Tauranga as well so she could take me there without going out of her way.

The trip there seemed so long because there was so much traffic because everybody was trying to get on holiday quickly. Nana’s friend Verna came back to Tauranga with us (she lives in Tauranga). We stopped in Mercer for an ice-cream then we were on our way again. For the rest of the trip I sang quietly to myself.

When we got to Tauranga I went into their house to find Sally sitting in the lounge with Aunty Lizzy combing her hair. After Nana left, Sally and I went into the Garage and watched a movie until dinner.

The next morning Sally and I woke up and read for a while then went into the lounge and watched the movie ‘The Tooth Fairy’. When Aunty Lizzy got up me and Sally went into the kitchen and got breakfast. For the rest of the day we just chilled at home.

The following day was Easter Sunday so we went to church. After Church we went to a cafe for Sally’s birthday. Sally was at School camp for her birthday so she didn’t get to go out or anything. We went to a French Cafe and had a brownie, lemon slice and a crepe.

On Monday we helped Sally’s friend Holly and her family move house. It was a lot of fun but hard work. When Holly’s room was done me and Holly danced in her room. That night for dinner Holly’s family, and another family that helped move and is a family friend of theirs came over to Sally’s house.

On Monday we went to Verna’s house to polish her silver and after that Nana took us out for lunch. At Verna’s house we saw some puzzles up on the wall... they were so cool! The liquid that we used to polish the silver smelt yuck and soon my stomach started to hurt.

The Cafe we wanted to go to was closed so we went to the cafe at Palmers. As we walked into the cafe there was a cat sitting on a chair that was very cute. Until the food was ready Sally and I played on the playground. At the table Nana told us a funny story of Mum and Aunty Lizzy when they were young.

For the rest of my Holiday in Tauranga we kind of just chilled... we made bracelets, watched TV and played at Holly’s new house. I was really missing my Mum and one night I got really scared because she was sick and I was worried about her.

When we were back in Auckland the cousins stayed for a week. It was really good to see my family again and to see that Mum was a lot better. As the Holiday went on me and Sally had just had enough of each other and we started to fight.

My sister, Malia’s birthday was also in the Holidays so she went up the sky tower with her friend Rachel then we all went out for dinner at the park for dinner with our family and friends.

When the cousins had gone home and we were a family again we just chilled for the rest of the Holidays.

My favorite part of the Holidays was when we helped Holly move house and dancing around in her room with her. I look forward to going to Tauranga again this weekend and seeing Harry, Jack, Aunty Lizzy, Uncle Jeff, Sally and Holly again.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Stellaluna is a fruit bat. Bats can be found in nearly every part of the world except in very, very hot places and very, very cold places. Different species of Bats normally live somewhere that are nice and warm. Those warm places are in tropical places and rain forests. Stellaluna probably lived in a rainforest with other bats of her kind.

Bats live in different places but live and set up the same way, in every place. They live in trees, caves, buildings, bridges, mines and bat houses. Stellaluna lived in a tree with her mother, friends and family.

Different bats eat different things. Stellaluna as a fruit bat, of course she ate fruit and pollen from flowers. Fruit bats always drop seeds so that more fruit trees can grow. Fruit bats eat fruits like mangos, apples, pears and others.

You may think that bats look exactly like they do on TV but they don’t. Did you know that bat’s fingers go across the whole wing and still have the same amount of fingers as we do. Their legs are much smaller than the fingers/arms. Their feet are so tiny but they enable the bats to hang upside down and not fall off, so they are pretty cool.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Term 2 Topic

This is my Title Page for Room 3's Topic this term. As you can see our Topic this term is Then, Now and Tomorrow at School.  We are going to be researching about the past,  about now and imagining the future in School.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Term 1 Reflection

My favourite thing about this term is....
I really liked it when I first got my netbook and did my first document on Google docs because it was really exciting being able to know that I have my own netbook and Google docs.

Next Term my behaviour goal is......
I am going to sit at my home table unless I am allowed or asked to sit at another table so I can get on with my work easier. I am also going to try not to talk to anyone at my home table unless I am asked to, so my table mates can get on with their work.

Next Term my Work goal is.....
To get my work done at the time that I have been asked to finish and I am going to try to move up to a higher level in Maths.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Oktapodi is an animated mini film set in Greece. Room 3 watched it because we have been learning how to write book and movie reviews. The characters in the film are Oktapodi, his girlfriend and the man in the van.

The plot of this mini film is.......
The first scene in the movie is when they are in a fish tank at a fish shop. Oktapodi’s girlfriend is captured by people that kill them and sell them as food. Oktapodi quickly escaped to find her and bring her back. It was really funny when they nearly got away then the man in the van came and grabbed them again. Finally when they both escaped from the man in the van, who fell off a cliff with his van into the sea, a bird came and captured Oktapodi! They were separated once again :(

The problem in the story was that the couple got separated. The way that they solved that problem was that they went after each other and together they always escaped by working together.

My opinion of the mini film is....
I thought it was quite funny because the octopus’ looked quite different with the big heads. The story was cool as well, I liked the bit when they were jumping through all the swimming pools.