Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Stellaluna is a fruit bat. Bats can be found in nearly every part of the world except in very, very hot places and very, very cold places. Different species of Bats normally live somewhere that are nice and warm. Those warm places are in tropical places and rain forests. Stellaluna probably lived in a rainforest with other bats of her kind.

Bats live in different places but live and set up the same way, in every place. They live in trees, caves, buildings, bridges, mines and bat houses. Stellaluna lived in a tree with her mother, friends and family.

Different bats eat different things. Stellaluna as a fruit bat, of course she ate fruit and pollen from flowers. Fruit bats always drop seeds so that more fruit trees can grow. Fruit bats eat fruits like mangos, apples, pears and others.

You may think that bats look exactly like they do on TV but they don’t. Did you know that bat’s fingers go across the whole wing and still have the same amount of fingers as we do. Their legs are much smaller than the fingers/arms. Their feet are so tiny but they enable the bats to hang upside down and not fall off, so they are pretty cool.


  1. Well done with your finding and selecting information from our story 'Stellaluna' Ana. You gathered some great information and put it into your own words really well. I especially like that you used the websites that we found about bats to add to the information that you had gathered already from the text.

  2. I found this quite simple, I don't really know why it kind of felt as if I had done it before but I can't remember when. I think I need to work on actually reading through because sometimes I put down an answer that is wrong because I haven't read it through.


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