Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Plot: As Walter Becett, the secret agent sat down to have a look in the suitcase which he was supposed to give to his bosses and eat his doughnut, a pigeon flew by and landed on the chair next to him. The pigeon kept on looking at the doughnut so Walter gave him some but the pigeon wanted the whole thing so he continued to stare straight at the doughnut. The pigeon swooped for the doughnut but missed and Walter pushed him away but the pigeon landed in the suitcase and it closed. Walter was afraid because that was no normal suitcase. Inside the suitcase were buttons, guns and missiles that the pigeon could fire. The pigeon started to push buttons and have a bit of fun but outside was a different story. The buttons he was pushing were making the suitcase fire bullets, fly above people’s heads and chase people.

The pigeon continued to push all the buttons so Walter tried to give him the doughnut but as he was giving it to the pigeon the pigeon suddenly realised that he could use the suitcase to get the doughnut so he aimed the gun at Walter. The suitcase suddenly opened just when Walter chucked the doughnut at it. The doughnut landed on the big red button and a big rocket which had a bomb on it came out of a building. Walter tried to stop it but instead made it go on its way to Moscow, Russia. Walter used the suitcase to get to the bomb quicker and when he was close enough to it he flew up to it with the suitcase with the pigeon on it. The pigeon still wanted the doughnut (which was inside the suitcase) so Walter threw it down towards the ground and the pigeon went after it. Walter shot a missile at the rocket and it exploded. When Walter was back on the ground he put on his glasses, looked at the pigeon and walked away leaving the pigeon eating the doughnut. As Walter walked away the rocket landed straight onto the pigeon and of course the pigeon died.

Problem: The pigeon is firing bullets, flying above people’s heads and chasing them.
The big bomb on the rocket is heading to Moscow, Russia to blow it all up.

Solution: The suitcase opens.
Walter fires a missile at the rocket and it explodes.

Your opinion of the story:I really liked the movie, Pigeon Impossible because I thought that the pigeon was really cool because he wanted the doughnut and he wasn’t going anywhere without it.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Haka Ma Movie

 This is a movie of Room 3 singing A Haka Ma which uses the vowels in Maori. Check it out!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Basketball Facts

1: Young children play Mini Ball instead of Basketball because it is a safe and easy way to learn how to play basketball.

2: There can only be five people on the court at a time with substitutes waiting on the bench to go on.

3: You get 2 points for shooting a goal and getting it in and when the other team gets a penalty your team gets 1 extra point.

4: To be good at playing Basketball you need to be physically fit, have agility, be good at passing and catching and be able to work well in a team.

My Favourite thing from Howick Historical Village

 This is a short video of my favourite thing from my Howick Historical Village Trip that I went to in Week 5. Check it out!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

“Good Morning Room 3” Said Mrs Tui and she walked into the classroom. “This is Mr McGiven, he is going to teach you a little bit about Orienteering.” “Good Morning class” Said Mr McGiven. “Good morning” Room 3 replied. “Today we are going to be learning a little bit about Orienteering. We are going to be doing an event inside the classroom and one outside on your school field,” started Mr McGiven. “Yes!” The class was so excited to be doing our first Orienteering lesson.

Mr McGiven drew up a map on the board of our classroom and told us that we were going to be doing a score event inside first. Next he gave us all a piece of sticky pad paper with a letter on it. “Go and put your paper around the room somewhere” he Instructed. When all the students had put their papers around the room we went and told Mr McGiven where we had put it and he put it up on the map. After that we were all given a piece of paper which is called a “Click Sheet” then sent us off to find all the papers and write the letter down and come back down to mat in time. The letters ended up to be backwards “Have a nice Day”

The next event that we were going to do was outside and we had to be put into two groups so we got put into two groups: Triangles & Squares together and Pentagons & Circles together: our maths groups. Outside there were two circles that were made out of Orienteering controls. On each control there was a letter that Mr McGiven called a “code”. One group went to one circle and the other group went to the other circle. We all got another click sheet and a letter that was on the click sheet. The next instruction was to go to that letter, click your piece of paper with the control marker and wait. When everyone had done that we went to the other codes and finished. When everyone had finished doing that we swapped circles. At the end of that event there was no code.

I am looking forward to next week's session and the one after that because it was really fun and we learned a lot and we even did 3 events and I thought we were only going to be talking about things. My favourite part about that session was when we went outside because we had to find the code and only go in on direction and that was tricky.