Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holidays Day ???

During the Holidays, I can never keep tract of the days, it's pretty hard when I don't go to school. For the past 4 days, I have been in Tauranga, I still here for another 2 days then I will be heading home. I am in Tauranga because me and my sisters are on a little holiday with my Mum's twin sister and her family. It has been great being here but sometimes I get a bit bored.

Since I have been bored a lot, I decided to write a acrostic poem. Enjoy:

H appy because there is a lot of food, friends and family around

O ver tired from late nights spending time watching movies with whanau

L aughing, a lot of LAUGHING!!

I ce-cream nearly every night.

D arling Aunties, Uncles, Mums and Dads

A wesome water fights

Y es! There's presents

S uch Fun!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Holidays Day 1


It is the Christmas Holidays 2013. These are my favourite holidays because they are longer and I always get to see my cousins, aunties and uncles from overseas, it's great! These holidays, I am going to try to post each day to let people know what Holidays are like. 

I am just heading off for a barbecue with the family so I hope that's cool!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Reflection

Kia Ora, 2013 is coming to an end and I want to reflect on how it has turned out. So, read on to find out how 2013 has been for Ana Va'afusuaga.......
When it comes to my teacher, things are a bit different because I actually have four main teachers (Mr Marks, Mr Somerville, Ms Garden and Mrs Tele’a) ! So I have the benefit of four experts giving me the most helpful tips that I could learn from. This year, my teachers have taught me lots of new things as well as adding to the stuff I already knew.

In writing; the difference between editing and proofreading. In reading, well a WHOLE lot of things in reading! While I read, I find out about a whole variety of other topics, like how things work and what things do. In maths, this year, the new strategies and all the new facts has been challenging which is great because over the year, I really think that I know much more that I did when the year began. My teachers have been really good at explaining new concepts and expanding my skills. One thing in particular that we have learnt, is knowing many different ways to work out the solution to a problem. I’m sure that will come in so handy in my future.I have also become confident in different areas, including presenting, editing, producing, filming and animating.
One of the people that I look up to is Mrs Burt. She has taught me to never give up on things that you believe will make a difference. She started off as just a classroom teacher and now look at her, she is travelling around New Zealand and the world, telling other people about the way we learn in our new digital classrooms. There have probably been many times that she could have given up, but she didn't, she keep on persevering. That is what I hope to be like in the future.

My friends this year have taught me a lot as well…I am very blessed to have such good friends. The beginning of the year was a bit hard because I was new to my school, but now, it’s like I have known them forever! Whenever I am stuck on something and the teacher is busy, I can always just go to a friend for help. One of my friends has helped me with my animating, and another has always been there when I am stuck with something like when I don't really understand the question. My friends are pretty awesome.

I think that I have helped other kids with my blog. I post 2-4 times a week and I am pretty sure that at least some kids read it. I also try to be the best role model that I can be to kids younger than me by trying my hardest all the time by being kind and looking out for people that might be struggling or left out.

I have really enjoyed 2013. It has been a year full of challenges, learning, creating and loads of fun. I have had really cool teachers and cool friends. Thank you to all of the teachers that have taught me this year. I am learnt a whole heap of things from you. Also a thank you to all of the people in my class that have become really good friends of mine and that have helped me get used to my new school. I am really looking forward to 2014 and all the new challenges ahead!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stop, Think and Do Movie

This is our Stop, Think and Do Movie. A while ago, a group of people from P.E.S wrote and recorded a song about Stop, Think and Do. Some of us from Rm 16 decided to make a movie to match the words. So here it is..... Enjoy!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Milk Animation

This is my Milk Animation that I have been working on all term. I hope you enjoy it and hopefully find out something new. 



Kids running around - Because it is fun running around at night eating lollies with friends.
Lollies - To add some food or “fun”
Scary - That is just what people think makes it more fun.
Night Time - To make it scarier.
Dressing up - To add something else to it.

Halloween is where kids run around asking people for lollies. I don’t celebrate halloween and I definitely don’t go around trick or treating. I think that halloween isn’t cool at all because it is evil and I think that it is dangerous for little kids to be running around at night going to strangers houses. I don’t like halloween because it is all about the evil ones. It all started in the U.K (United Kingdom) where people started thinking of a day when all evil things come alive but I think that it is just fake and definitely not true.

This halloween, for me is going to be at a light party at church. It is a great time to have fun with friends and family. I reckon that this is the way halloween should be celebrated.

The Weekend Trip

During the weekend, my family and I went down to Tauranga to visit my Mum's twin sister and her family. We left at about 4.30 on Friday and got to their house at about 8.20! So yeah, it did take a while. We stayed till Sunday afternoon and we had a great time.

The main thing that I did in the weekend was probably read. I read two and a half books during the time I was there. My cousin's favourite game is Minecraft and they like joining each others servers so each day, everyone spent an hour playing with each other. That was pretty cool too!

My highlight of the weekend was definitely seeing the cousins again and just spending time with them. Since my Mum is working, we wouldn't have been able to go and see them till next year! Non of us wanted that to happen. My lowlight was having to leave my Dad behind because of his course. I didn't like that very much, I really wanted him to come with us.

The End....

Me from Year 6 to Year 7

This is me this year, I think that I have done well this year, I have been in Extension, played a lot of sport, been a presenter on PENN, been to about 3 camps and much more. So this is me this year.
This is me next year. Next year, I am going to be a Year 7. I will wear a jacket and wear a black hat instead of a red. Next Year, I hope that I can make a TON of movies for the school, go to tech and maybe show some of the visitors around the school.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Camp Bentzon At Kawau Island

Last Week, I spent the week at Kawau Island. It was our Yr 6 Camp and we went to Camp Bentzon. I hope you enjoy my presentation!

This is our dance: 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Maui and The Big Fish

This is a animation that I did not do but I did write and record a script to go with it. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kawau Island Camp Next Week

Next week, I am going on Camp with the rest of the Year 6's. We are all going to Camp Benzon, Kawau Island. We are going to be on a bus for about an hour and a half and then hop onto a ferry and go for 8 km to Kawau Island. Camp Benzon is on the North Cove of Kawau Island.

At Camp Benzon, there are a lot of different activities. There is a Burma Trail, A Fitness Trail, Abseiling, Sailing, Kayaking, Raft Making, lots of swimming and lots of different Sports! There is a built in Volleyball Net and a lot of flat ground for touch games and all that. There is also a Adventure Playground there.

The thing that I am looking forward to the most is the Kayaks and the Sailing. At camp there are 26 Kayaks there and 10 Optimist Yachts. At the camp we are going to be on a Optimist Yacht. For the first time, we are going to be with a partner and the second time, we are going to be by ourselves. I am really looking forward to doing that because I am never be on a yacht before and at the Year 5 & 6 camp I went on a Kayak for the first time and I really enjoyed it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Mum's Birthday

On Friday it was my Mum's Birthday. We celebrated by making her a Breakfast in Bed Special. We all woke up at about 6.30am and started cooking eggs, bacon, french toast and we were also trying to put together a tray that looked awesome! My little sister's jobs were to keep our Mum in bed and out of the kitchen!

Once all the cooking was done and the tray was ready, we took it into our Mum's room and hid behind her bed because she was in the bathroom at the time. When she walked in we all jumped up and shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!" She had a big smile on her face as she climbed back into bed to enjoy her yummy breakfast. After her breakfast had been eaten we all set off for school and our Mum went back to sleep!

After school, we ate the cheesecake that she wanted before setting out for dinner. She wanted to go to a Mexican Restaurant in Mission Bay so that's where we went. She had invited a family friend over for dinner and to stay the night. After dinner, My Mum and Grace (Our Friend) went to a concert together. They got home late but happy, apparently the concert was AMAZING so we were all happy. 

I was happy for my Mum to have a great birthday and I hope she felt great. She is a awesome Mum, the best in the entire world! So......

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Maths DLO 1

This week in Maths, Mr Marks gave us the task of creating DLO's (Digital Learning Objects) based on our 7 questions that we have to do every week. So this is my first one. Enjoy :-)


This is a movie that HannahJennifer and I made. It shows us all singing. We hope you enjoy:-)
This is a video of us singing. We hope you enjoy :-) from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Can This Summer Get Worse? (Re-Written)

During the weekend, I decided that my first piece of writing wasn't really up to standard so I re-wrote it on Saturday later afternoon. I hope you like it :-)

It was a hot summer and work was harder than ever. The rice was dying quicker and the workers were getting slower and slower. Richard Henan, owner of the crop farm was getting worried. Every night after a long day of work he would send his workers home, have a quick dinner, shower and drop into bed. He had a few sleepless nights worrying about everything, about his workers, about his crops and about his health. Would this be the summer that it all goes wrong?

“Okay boys, we have two weeks to harvest these fields before they die,” exclaimed Richard as he pointed out towards all the crop fields. “I know,” he continued, “that this summer is extremely hot and it’s going to be hard but I believe that we can do it!” There was a loud shout and then everyone spread out and started work.

BANG!!! Richard raced to the west field, as soon as he heard it. “What has happened!?” he shouted fearfully. No one answered and he couldn’t see anyone. “Is anyone here?!” He continued yelling as he ran looking everywhere.

“Ahhh,!” Richard heard someone call out and sounding scared and hurt. He ran around the corner and saw two of his men lying on the ground. “What’s happened?” Richard now sounded scared.  His workers started talking “There, there, was a, a….” “A What?” Richard cried. The workers, named Jeff and John needed to be rushed to hospital but at the end of the day, Richard still had no idea what had happened.  

But he was determined he was going to find out.

Meanwhile, the sun had been shining hard and a lot of his workers were getting badly sunburned. Even though they were all wearing rice hats, the sun was just too hot for their bodies. Soon some of the workers started to get sick from the scorching, hot sun. Their heads were starting to spin and they weren’t feeling up to working anymore. Richard had to send all of the sick workers home for two reasons; one, so that the other workers wouldn’t get sick and two so that they can get some rest and hopefully get better soon.

“Okay, welcome everyone.”  It was the beginning of the first Saturday and Richard was leading his morning meeting, “today the main focus is to just finish off your half of the field.  I know that half of us are at home, but that does not matter to us!” Even though, he sounded enthusiastic, he had never felt so worried. As the men spread out talking as usual, Richard got back to work finding out about the accident two days before.

“Okay!” Richard had gone next door to the farm to ask some questions, he had a feeling that the accident had something to do with them so off he went to find out.

“Let me see.”  Knock! knock! knock! The door opened and a friendly smiled appeared. “Ooo, hello Richard what brings you here today?” “Hello Harold, sorry to disturb, but two days ago, two of my workers were put into hospital.” he started.  Richard told Harold everything and by the end, they had each finished a coffee and a packet of biscuits.

“My Bull broke opened his fence so that may have been the bang, since his ring is quite close to your field, but I put him into the barn until the fence was fixed so I’m not sure about the rest, I’m afraid,” Harold told Richard. Richard thanked him and returned back to the fields where he went straight to the west field.

When he got there, he saw a bent garden shovel and picked it up. He then headed towards the hospital with the shovel. “Hello boys!” he said as he entered the room where both his men were recovering. Richard was happy to see them both sitting up and reading the daily newspaper. “Oh, hey boss.  How are things?  We are both so sorry that we can’t be at the fields now.” John said happily. Richard answered, “Fine, fine I just came to ask you again, what actually happened on the fields?” Jeff decided to talk this time since he had a better memory of the time, “We were both harvesting when John heard a bang, he got so frightened that he grabbed his shovel and started running, he ran into me where the shovel hit me hard. Of course he was hurt too because he didn’t mean to run into me, the shovel seemed to bend on me but peirce into his chest which made it hard for him to breath.” Richard finally understood, he was happy to know what happened but was surprised at what had really happened, he expected something much more action packed but never mind about that, at least they were okay now.

The situation wasn’t so great back at the fields, more of the workers had been sunburned and had started to feel sick in the same way. It was the end of the day so all his workers were leaving, “Bye boss, see you tomorrow!”, “Yeah see ya!” , “Have a good night sleep and will see you tomorrow!” All Richard’s workers were happy which was good and so was Richard.

It was now Monday and already some of the rice and corn had started to die. It had only 25 workers left and there was still a whole lot of work to do. The men were getting sicker and sicker each day which made work harder for the ones that were left.  He didn’t want to do this but, “Hey cousins, aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces I am in Vietnam and my crop fields are nearly all dead! I need help urgently.” He had just sent out a message to all his family in other countries on holiday. He didn’t know if they would actually come since they were probably having a wonderful holiday but it was worth a try. Within the next day, he had another 30 people helping him. He really hoped that they wouldn’t get sick or dread being there working while they were supposed to be on holiday.

Richard was delighted when he heard his cousin say, “Richard, thank you SOO much for letting us come here, the weather is so hot and wonderful compared to the country we have just come from! Plus this keeps us fit and working!” Richard was very surprised but replied back, “Ohh, no, thank you…. You have helped me so much, I thought that I would have to give up on these crops!”

By the end of the two weeks, his family and himself had harvested nearly all of the grains and his workers were all back to full health. The summer had turned out well after all. To thank his family and workers that had lasted, Richard cooked them all a big dinner with of course, lots and lots of rice and corn! Richard stood up, “A toast, to all my family who sacrificed their holiday to come and work here, Thank you, thank you all so much you don’t know how much you have helped us!” There was a cheer followed by a silence… an eating silence!

The End

Testing This Term and This Friday

At the moment, the whole school to testing. I have already done my writing, maths and I have just finished my reading test. I am feeling really good about my Maths test, in the middle about my reading test, not so great about my writing test but I am glad it's over.

This Friday is Athletics Day. It is my first Athletics Day at Pt England so I am really excited about it. I am in Takitimu  which is yellow. I am really excited about this Friday, the only thing is I am still looking for something yellow to wear. Anyway, I will probably get something soon.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Writing Test

This is my test piece of writing. I think that my practise ones were actually better than this one because today was one of my off days when I didn't feel in the zone for writing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. :-)

The night had started off well, the fire was going, the tv was on, the friends were over and the yummiest food was coming out of the kitchen. Jessie had decided that she wanted her friend Amy to come over because she came up with the funnest things to do and the funniest. Of course Jonathan wanted Ben over, they were best friends and had been since kindergarden.

It was Friday night so there wasn’t really any good movies on tv so the girls decided to go back to Jessie’s room and get out their stash… of lollies. They had hidden their lollies in a box in a bag under all the clothes in Jessie’s washing basket. “It’s a great hiding place Jess!” Amy said cheerfully, “Thanks!” Jessie replied back, they were both so happy and the rest of the house was too. "Hey, why don't we draw on the boys' faces during the night?!" Amy asked excitedly. "YES!! That's a great idea but we need to keep it as a secret, hide the markers in our lolly bag so they don't think it's us!"

That's exactly what they did in the middle of the night but what they didn't know is the boys were awake, they overheard the girls and decided to stay awake for the night. They didn't want to show that they knew straight away, they had something planned...

The girls were having a great time eating lollies, popcorn and watching tv, meanwhile, the boys were planning something, something that would scare the girls so much they would start running everywhere screaming…. At least that is what they thought.

Amy had suggested that in the morning, they would go out into the farm and look at everything, the animals, the barn and to just sit outside for a bit.

“Lets go before it gets too cold!” Amy had woken up so early because she had never been on such a big farm before and was so eager to find out what was out there. “Amy! It is cold right now, if we wait a hour then it will be the right temperature to go outside!” Jessie was very unhappy she had lost her Saturday sleep in, she got up, put some clothes on and went to go and have breakfast. “Where are the boys?” Amy asked curiously. “I don’t know maybe sleeping?!” Jessie answered sarcastically.

Once they had finished breakfast, they went outside to start their “walk”. Amy really wanted to go out to where the cows were so they took a picnic basket so they could have lunch. “So, these are our chickens.” Jessie started as she walked into a small shed were some of the chickens were laying eggs. “And this is where we get out eggs.” She finished. “Wow!” Amy was so fascinated by it all, “Do you have any horses or ponies?” That was the thing Amy really wanted to see. “Sure, I’ll show you.” Jessie had got over her early start and was excited to show her friend her home.

After they had seen the horses, ridden on them and seen the green house, they started out on their way to cows. “Oh my gosh, they was so hard!” Amy nearly shouted as she flopped down onto the grass. “Yeah, well at least they weren’t out there.” Jessie said softly as she pointed out to where another paddock was, about 500 metres away.

“Amy, Jessie!” They heard a whisper but saw nothing. “Who’s there!?” The two friends asked at the same time. “Amy, Jessie!” There it was again. They were scared now, “Who is there!” Jessie was starting to sound angry now, she hated not knowing what was happening. “Amy, Jessie!” The girls now started to run, they ran and ran and ran until they got back to the house. Jessie woke her parents up and told them all about what had happened. Her parents were as surprised as they were. “Go and see the boys!” Kenny said tiredly and he sat up. Kenny was Jessie’s dad and he always hated being woken up just like her.

The two went into the boys room and saw them on Jonathan’s bed with some sort of walkie talkie thing. “What is that!” Amy shouted. “Nothing, we’re just freaking out the girls, their out with the cows screaming like little babies.” Ben laughed thinking that Amy was Liz, Jonathan and Jessie Mum. “How could you, why do you always have to ruin everything!?” Jessie shouted while she whacked both of them with a pillow.

After the friends had gone home, Jonathan had to say sorry and do double chores for being mean and ruining the sleepover for the girls. Jessie was happy that he got his consequence but wished that he never did it, because she really thought that this was going to be the sleepover that everything were the way she planned. She guessed wrong.

The End

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Educreations Maths Question

Last week, I got to create this educreations video. It shows the working out of a question. Watch and enjoy:-)

My Friends Presentation

This is a presentation showing all of my friends and what they are like. I hope you enjoy and find out about my friends. Remember, you can click on their names and it will take you to their blog so you can check out their work as well. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rousie Re-tell

This week, the task was to read a story (Rousie) and re-tell it in one paragraph with a maximum of 10 sentences. So here it is:

Rousie is a girl who lives on a farm and this October her Dad has brought down a mob of sheep to get ready for the October Shearing. They use her Dad’s old horse and the dogs to keep the sheep in place. Rousie has to wake up early to start on the sheep since there are 15000 of them! Her job is to keep the floor clean of wool, sort the wool and keep everything tidy for the shearers. She works all the way through to lunch then have a break and back to work! At the end of the day, she watches as the bales of wool drive away on a truck. She is happy with them because the wool means money for the farm and for the sheep. Rousie is very happy.

Labour Weekend

Last weekend was Labour weekend. I wrote a post last week about Making Pizzas for Labour Day and  a bit about Labour Day. It is a long weekend (Saturday - Monday) celebrating and remembering 8 hour days. On Monday it is a public holiday and most people don't work on that day.

For my family, Saturday night was cool but Sunday and Monday were just normal days. on Saturday night, my brother and I cooked sausages and steak on the barbecue. It was heaps of fun and at the end, it was very delicious. My little sister decided to set up a small picnic on the concrete outside our house, which made the night much better.

I enjoyed Labour Weekend better than all the others but next year I hope that as a family we could go down to the beach or have a really fun, family Monday. :-)

Narrative Writing - The Theme Park Breakdown

“Come on, let’s go Mum!” Emma cried as she jumped up and down on her parents bed. It was a long weekend so the family had decided to go and check out the new theme park in town. “Just wait Em, the park won’t close.” Her Mum was always so tired in the morning, sort of like her on school days, but this was different, this was AWESOME. Emma finally got her parents out of bed but it didn’t get better after that, her parents took soooo long to have breakfast in fact her Dad got into the shower an hour after they had woken up!

The theme park opened at 8.00am and Emma had planned to be there at 8.00am. “Mum, it’s already 8.39! All the rides will be full by the time we get there…. Plus we still have to pick up Rose.” Emma was walking around by the door with the car keys yelling. “You know, the rides will still be there and so will your best friend.” Mum replied so calmly like it was only 7.00 in the morning and the theme park opened at 12.00!

That was it, Emma ran out the door and started running towards Rose’s house. She only lived a few streets away so how tiring could it be? She was wrong it only took 5 minutes in the car but she thinks she took about 15 minutes. When she finally got there she grabbed her friend by the hand and started running fractionally back to the house just in time for her parents to walk out the door, “Oh, hi Rose, how are you today?” Her dad asked not even thinking about how she got there, “I’m great, thank you Mr Marge.” Rose was always so happy. They all jumped into the car and off they went.

By the time they got there, the sun was high up in the middle of the sky and there were a lot of people. “Mum can Rose and I go and check out the new ride?” Emma asked, “Which one, all of them are new, it’s a new theme park!” “The one called Invader Territory.” Emma and Rose replied at the same time, they had planned the order of the rides together in the car. “Okay, stay safe and we will meet you by the popcorn stall at 3.00pm. Okay so that gives you around 3 hours.” Emma smiled and nodded then walked away looking very excited.

“Rose, doesn’t the Invader Territory looks so awesome!” Emma hadn’t stopped talking since they left the parents. “Of course, I can’t wait!” Rose was so happy and chirpy that she did a little jump every time she finished a sentence. “Rose, Rose, Rose, when we get to the ride, you can’t jump out of your seat okay…. Stay in your seat and keep your belt on!” Emma was only joking and teasing so they both laughed and carried on walking.

When they got to the ride, to their surprise the line was empty, it was also good for them because they didn’t have to wait. “Hello two people please!” Rose asked but was so happy and excited that she could hardly even hold the tickets when they were given to her. Emma and Rose took a seat and the ride began. It was so much that Rose nearly took off her belt to stand up!

BANG!! Emma and Rose nearly fell off the ride, they saw that the ride had broken at the front and at the back. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to break it!” Rose cried because she thought that it was her fault since she wriggled so much. When the ride finished, they both ran to find Emma’s parents it wasn’t 3.00pm yet but they needed to tell them.

“What happened, it isn’t even 3.00pm yet!” Her mum asked as she looked at the worried two. The two girls told Mum everything and after about 10 minutes they were talking to one of the managers, telling her everything that had happened. “Ohh, don’t worry about a thing! That silly builder, he thought that it would be cool to build a ride that would break at the end to scare everyone!” The manager was named Jordenne and she was very kind. “We are going to get rid of it because we have had sooo many people come and complain and we needed just one more person to come and complain for us to be able to demolish it.” The was a sigh of relief from the girls and from the parents.

The rest of the day was great, the rides were awesome and it was so much fun. At the end of the day just before they dropped Rose off, they got to go to KiwiYo, a frozen yogurt place. “Thanks heaps Mr and Mrs Marge! I had so much fun.” Rose said with of course, an excited smile on her face. “Yeah thanks Mum and Dad, I really had fun!”

The End

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Writing Test Practise: Can This Summer Get Worse?

It was a hot summer and work was harder than ever. The rice was dying quicker and the workers were getting slower and slower. Richard Henan, owner of the crop farm was getting worried. Every night after a long day of work, he would send his workers home, have a quick dinner, shower and hop into bed. He had a few sleepless nights worrying about everything, about his workers, about his crops and about his health. Would this be the summer that it all goes wrong?

On the 4th day of the 2 weeks, things weren’t getting better at all, in fact they were getting much worse. Richard had to send all of the sick workers home for 2 reasons, 1 So that the other workers wouldn’t get sick and 2 So that they can get some rest and hopefully get better soon. On the 5th day, about 5 of his workers came to him and cried, “I’m sorry boss, but I just can’t cope any longer.” Richard sadly flicked his hand as a sign to say, “Just Go Home!” He didn’t mean to be cruel and because his workers knew him well, they left without feeling hurt at all.

By the 6th day, he had only 10 workers left, out of 75! That’s hardly anything and to harvest 10 whole fields in 2 small weeks, that was nearly impossible! In the next week, only 2 workers remained, Richard Henan was not only surprised but slightly annoyed as well, not at the workers, of course but at himself for not thinking properly at the situation.

He didn’t want to, but he ended up calling some of his family and friends that were on holiday to help him. Within the next day, he had another 30 people helping him. He really hoped that they wouldn’t get sick or dread being there working while they were supposed to be on holiday. Richard was delighted when he heard his cousin say, “Richard, thank you SOO much for letting us come here, the weather is so hot and wonderful compared to the country we have just come from! Plus this keeps us fit and working!” Richard was very surprised but replied back, “Ohh, no, thank you…. You have helped me so much, I thought that I would have to give up on these crops!”By the end of the 2 weeks, his family and himself had harvested nearly all of the grains and his workers were all back to health. The summer had turned out after all. To thank his family and workers that had lasted, Richard cooked them all a big dinner with of course, lots and lots of rice!

The End

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making Pizza for Labour Day

Last week, during Extension, we all got to make pizza. The whole activity was based on Labour Day and how it all started. First we researched a bit about Labour Day and then we got into partners and started planning. We planned about what we would put onto our pizzas to make them related to Labour Day.

After lunch, we finished off our planning and got to work. We used tomato paste, cheese, ham, salami, pineapple and capsicum. My partner was Khaia and it was heaps of fun working with her!

To start off, we spread the Tomato Paste onto the pizza base, we then made a circle in the middle of the pizza with salami ready to write our 28 with ham. The reason for 28 is the first time Labour Day was celebrated was on the 28 of October so we thought we would do that. We also put 28 pieces of ham onto it and put 8 pineapple pieces and 8 bits of capsicum showing the 8 hour working days. (What Labour Day is all about) *

To finish off we put a boarder of ham and salami all around the edge of the pizza. Just before we put the pizza into the oven, we took a picture then in it went. After waiting for a bit, we took all of the pizzas out of the oven and started cutting. Khaia and I went around the school giving out pizza to some of the teachers and came back just in time to eat our delicious pizza!

I really enjoyed making those pizzas but the thing that I enjoyed the most of finding out about Labour Day and being able to go away not only with a slice of pizza, but knowing what this weekend is all about!

* Labour Day was created so workers would only have to work for 8 hrs. Lots of people agreed that everyone should only work for 8 hrs all the time so that they could spend time with their families. But the council would not agree to this but agreed to having a day that nobody would work. (Labour Day) It was Mondayised in 1910.

Here is a short movie that Khaia and I made. It shows what we did ...Enjoy:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fish Farming Re-tell

In a village called Togori on the island of Makira in the Solomon Islands lives a boy named Richard Bekaraifaka and his uncle is the Bigman (or Chief) for their village. In Togori, their fish is very important to them and they fish each day but only if the weather is fine and the sea is calm, but if the weather is bad or the sea is rough, they have to go without fish. Richard’s Uncle, Isaiah decided that he was going to make a way for people to catch fish even when the weather is bad. So he told the village that he was going to dig out some ponds and attach some pipes from the river to them to keep flowing with water so the water would go from pond 1 to pond 2 to pond 3 then back to the river. It took the village 1 and a half years to dig out the ponds because they could only dig early in the morning and in the evening since it was so hot during the day. Once all the pipes were attached and the ponds were full they were able to put the fish in. Richard and his family still have to look after their ponds and his job is to feed the fish and make sure that no branches or sticks get stuck into the pipes to stop the water from flowing. Richard is very happy that he helped his uncle because now, the whole village can enjoy fish for dinner even when there is bad weather. He has lots of jobs but he favourite is catching fish and eating them for dinner!


My Friends

This year I have lots of cool as friends! They are cool because they all have different talents and they are kind! My friends that are in my class are IronJordenneAsenaSelaJenniferMao and Hannah.  My friends that are in the other classes are AtaMeleaneQuasiaJosephineLesieli and Khaia. I really enjoy having all my friends because I never have nobody to play with and they are all great! The thing that I like the most about my friends is that they all make me laugh and most of them are in to the same things as me. Here is a Comic Life that shows some of my friends:

An Organic Orchard Re-tell

 Marjorie Clark runs an Organic Orchard in Kerikeri and by Organic, she means not using poisonous chemicals and spraying her plants. She told School Journal that nature was like a see-saw and taking those sprayers off made nature swing a bit.

When she first started her new "way" things went completely wrong. The insect pests like red  mite and thrips that had usually been killed by the sprayers where coming and ruining the fruit and plants. Then, the green beetle came, the green beetle was a beetle that was giving a lot of people in the North trouble. They still didn't spray, even though it was really hard. In a year or two, the green beetle had almost disappeared. They knew that some time before, the DSIR2 released a parasite that attacks the eggs of the green beetle. Marjorie and her husband thought that because they didn't spray, the parasite had multiplied and controlled the green beetle for them.

Slowly, other predators such as the Australian paper wasp, the praying mantis and the predatory mites moved in, things were back in balance and the red mite and thrips had disappeared! Their fruit was still marked from insects but things were getting better.

Things were getting much better and all the insects were moving in and helping out. Marjorie was very happy. By the end of that year, the orchard was much better than with the sprayers!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Goldi & The Family of 3

Once upon a time, there lived a girl, her name was Goldi. Goldi lived in an orphanage but wasn't an orphan. When she was 6, her Mum got a job being a celebrity assistant and at the time, Goldi was really excited because she thought that she would be able to go to awesome places and soon turn into a pop star! But it all changed when she actually started to work. Her mother’s boss wouldn't let any kids with her and she wanted Goldi’s mother, Madison to live in America. Goldi was devastated! She cried herself to sleep for the first few nights her mother was gone and of course because she was in a new home. Madison’s boss had called it lucky but both Madison and Goldi called it horror when they found out that the orphanage was taking in any kids that had parents who weren't there to care for them, but Goldi’s mother could look after her, Goldi had said before her mother left. That was when Goldi moved in to the orphanage.

On October 15 was Goldi's birthday and for the past 3 years, she had to just sit in her room as usual and sometimes, if she was lucky, call her mum. This year was different though, she was double-digit and she wanted it to be special. So the morning of her birthday, she ran away hoping to catch a plane and go to her mum, of course she knew that wouldn't happen but she just wanted to get out.

She ran and ran and ran until she couldn't run any more. She walked very slowly and tiredly until she came upon a house. It looked nice and smoke was coming up from the chimney so she went in.

What she didn’t know is, that morning a family had left their house unlocked to go for a walk. The family was a family of 3, Mum, Dad and child Rose. Rose went to her Mum’s school (She was the principal) and her Dad was the head of the police so their family was pretty important. They had left their house with warm milos, hot toast and cocoa-pops.

When Goldi went in, they were still gone so she ate all the food, broke their TV, spilt milo on their couch and fell asleep in Rose’s bed. Of course, the family was very surprised to see all their breakfast eaten, a big puddle of milo on their couch, the TV all fuzzed, the remote broken in two and a strange girl sleeping in their bed!

They woke her up immediately and started asking questions. When the whole story had come out, the family was actually feeling very sad for the girl. They let her stay with them and ordered for her Mum back, a good house and a great job.

By the next week, Goldi was with her Mum sitting on their new couch in their new house. Goldi went to Rose’s school and her Mum worked there so it really was…
A Happy Ending!

Matching Farming Photos

This morning, Keas (My Reading Group) did an activity about matching farming photos. It was pretty hard but we got there in the end. It was a team activity so we were all sitting around a table looking at photos and just thinking HEAPS!! The job took us about half an hour and the hardest part for me was
 probably trying to find the photos when we actually need them!

The thing that I don't really know about farming is the different virus's that animals can get and the different things that they can eat. So I really hope that I can find out all those things some time this term.  Here are some pictures of the activity when it was finished.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Immersion Assembly

This Immersion Assembly, we found out that the topic for this term is What in the WORLD in going on? There were a lot of movies and actually, Team 3 was the only team that didn't have one! Our team, team 4, is studying Farming so I look forward to finding out more and more facts about Farms not only in New Zealand but all around the world!

This Term, I hope to be able to learn loads of facts about farms and then go and tell someone what I have learnt. Also I want to show you what Team 4's movie was like so here it is...... ENJOY!!
I'm A Farmer and I Grow It! from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


This Holidays were okay...... During the first week, I went to Riverside Camp which is run by Mr Burt. The camp was at Willow Park in Eastern Beach and this camp was my seconded since I went last year. Camp was 5 days long (Started Monday morning, ended Friday around about midday) and went well because it didn't seem to go fast and it didn't seem to go slow. On the first day we got into our teams, thought of a team name and chant and settled into our cabins.

Sadly, on the first day, while I was playing soccer, my foot was misplaced by the ball twice! My sore foot did excuse me from some of the games which I hated. On Tuesday night, I went home feeling soooo yuck! On Wednesday, my Mum took me to the doctor which sent me to Hospital just to check my foot as well. Luckily I was out of Hospital on Wednesday night and was able to go back and stay at camp.

On Thursday night, we had our concert where each team performed. It was a great concert and everyone had a GREAT time. On Friday we announced our winners from the points that had been given out throughout the week and guess what? MY TEAM WON!!! It felt pretty cool to go back home with a win!

That was the first week, in the second my cousins from Tauranga came up and spent Saturday to Friday with us. It was great to see them because we are pretty close since our Mums and twin sisters. Also during the week, we were actually renovating our bathroom. It looks great now but needs just a few more finishing touched to look FANTASTIC!!! 

So these Holidays weren't the best, but weren't near the worst either. It was a great camp and my highlight was the concert on the last night and the quad bikes that they had. My low-light was of course hurting my foot but still was a awesome camp.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maths Movie with Mrs Burt

This is the Maths Movie that I made with Mrs Burt at the same time as when I made the writing one. Enjoy :-)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Movie with Mrs Burt

A few weeks ago, I made a movie with Mrs Burt about my writing. It shows what I do to write my stories. Enjoy:-) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Bird Nest Questions and Answers

The Bird Nest
Tom woke up and turned on the lamp. He pushed the sheet and Woollen rugs off himself and staggered to the Window, which was partly open. He looked up to see a full moon and there, in the moonlight, sitting on a nest in a massive gum tree, was a mother bird and her noisy baby chicks. The nest, made from twigs, straw, wool and dead grass, was swaying wildly from side to side. As it did so, the mother bird tried to calm her frightened young ones by chirping softly to them.

1. Write the Words which tell us that it was cold.
He looked up to see a full moon and there, in the moonlight.

2. Write the word which tells us that the birds lived in a large tree.
Sitting on a nest in a massive gum tree.

3. The nest was made from wool, twigs, wood and dead grass True OR False?
False                   twigs, straw, wool and dead grass.

4. Write the word from the story which tells us the noise that birds make.
The word from the story which tells us the noise that the birds were making was chirping.

5. Write the word from the story which tells us that Tom was not fully awake when he went to the window.
The word that tells us that Tom was not fully awak is staggered.

6. Why were the baby chicks noisy?
The chicks were noisy because they were frightened.

7. Was it Windy outside Tom's house?
It was windy outside Tom’s house.

8. How do you know?
I know because it says that the nest was swaying side to side.

9. It was very dark when Tom looked out the window True OR False?

10. What were Tom‘s rugs made from?
Tom’s rug was made from woollen.

11. Tom had to get out of bed to turn on his lamp True OR False?

Sunday Church

Yesterday was Sunday and my family and I went to church as always at 10am. The service yesterday was different though because the youth was taking church. My brother is in youth so he was playing guitar...... Well it didn't really look different because he normally plays! It was cool to see different people taking church and in a different way. My favourite thing about the service was the quiz. The kids were only in for part 1 of the quiz because we had to go out to our Sunday school which is called Dynamite Bay.

When we all went out to the back hall, we played a game as usual to start off. Next week we are running church and Dynamite Bay for their services always has a dance, a movie and a game. Last week we filmed some of the video but there was just some finishing touches left to do so we were doing that while the game was running. I am the director of the film so I didn't play the game at all.

I am really excited about the service next week because I am worship leader and that is one of my favourite parts. Also because the services are always fun to do!!! After church a family offered for us to come over to their house and have lunch with them. My dad agreed so we all went over. It was cool and I had fun.

Later on in the day, we went to the hospital to visit our sister. If you remember, earlier on in the year, she went into hospital because of an infection in her foot. Well the infection never went away fully so when she ran or put weight on it, her foot was getting worse so she had to go back in. Luckily this time, she isn't actually sick, just her leg is broken and she has to stay in a bed all day. I really hope she gets out soon!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Brave Little Tailor

Title: The Brave Little Tailor

Author: Brothers Grimm

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses):
Tailor: He is brave and he is very good at making clothing. 

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail): 
In the town of the tailor.

What was the problem?
That first, there were giants that were questioning him,
Secondly, the king was trying to stop the tailor from marrying his daughter and becoming the king by giving him tasks to do.

What was the solution?
First, the tailor used different objects to trick the giants
Secondly, he used great skill to finish the tasks and when the king wanted to send him away, he overheard and stopped it from happening.

What was the Moral of the Story?
To be brave even when times look like they aren’t going to end well.

My favourite part of the story was?
My favourite part of the story was when the tailor used different strategies to trick the giants.