Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tane and Rongo

One day in a place with trees, flowers and other plants sat strong Tane, the god of the Forest watching his plants grow, when suddenly the ground started to rumble and out came a machine. Soon people came out to talk to Tane. Tane was confused and asked them, “What are you doing in my Forest?” The people replied, “I am sorry sir but we have to cut down the Forest for expensive buildings”. Tane was surprised and went to ask his brother Rongo, the god of peace for help. Rongo was a quiet, tall ,working, orange god that was really good at solving problems and making peace so all his brothers and sisters were always asking him for help. Tane had koru eyes, was caring, strong and took care of the forest really well.

Tane told Rongo what had happened and Rongo wanted to help because he knew how hard his brother had worked to keep the forest going. The next day when the people were back Rongo went to talk to them. The people said that they were going to start chopping trees down in a week. When Tane heard this he went to a nearby tree and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed because all his loved things were going to be taken away.

Two days before they were going to start digging, Rongo and Tane had a meeting to try and solve the problem. In that meeting Tane suggested to defeat the machine so that the humans couldn’t do anything but Rongo didn’t think that that would be a peaceful and kind way to solve the problem. After a few minutes of thinking Rongo came up with an idea, but when he was about to say it they heard a machine rumbling. They ran outside to see a human about to cut down the first tree. Tane ran up and said, “Man, why are you starting today, you said that you were going start cutting on Saturday!” The Man replied, “Sorry, but we have received a message from the mayor and he said to start today.” and he kept on cutting. Suddenly the tree hit the ground but Tane healed it and the tree came back up and started to live again. The Man ran away in fright and they went back to their meeting.

Rongo carried on and said, “We should make a treaty with them. It is a peaceful and easy way to solve problems.I have used it lots of times and it has always worked.” Tane agreed. The next day when the people came, Rongo went to see them and make the treaty. The people said hello and everything and then Rongo made his announcement, “People of New Zealand, my brother, Tane has worked very hard to keep this forest going and when he heard that you were going to destroy it he wept and wept and wept and came to get me for help. So, please brothers will you make a treaty with us?” The men didn’t know that Tane wanted to keep the forest. One of the men replied, “No need. We didn’t know that Tane wanted the forest. We can go somewhere else. In fact our boss didn’t even want this site he wanted a old worn out one instead of a bright new lovely one with living things in it. We will move and do our thing there.”

Tane was shocked when he heard about this but very happy that he and his forest was safe again. He thanked Rongo and then lived happily ever after in the Forest. The Moral of this story is to always go with a kind and peaceful plan instead of a plan that destroys things because sometimes things will go better than the plan.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tom and the Dragon Retell

“Can I please go for a play by the Pier?” asked Tom. “Sure, but I have warned you, there is a Dragon in the cave so never, ever go near.” “His teeth are as sharp as a shark’s sharp fin and when you go in, he will ask for a game of Chess but never, ever say yes, because when If you beat him he will barbecue you. Or perhaps he will win, and he will ask you to fight him with a sword but never, ever say I will.” “You will ask is it true that you can make bread in one blow and he will bake bread and have some tea with you. He will say I’ll be gone do you want to come on my back and sore high? But never, ever climb on, because when you are high up in the sky he will say open your eyes and have a look around but never open your eyes.” Replied his mother.

Tom went down to the Pier with his head filled with fears and with his mother’s words still in his head. When he got to the Pier he saw the dragon crying. “AH! It’s the boy who destroys! Mama told me to stay away and no noise” The Dragon cried. Tom just stood and stared. Once the two had talked about how the other one wasn’t scary at all they became best friends and soon their mothers were saying nervous hellos.


Fact 1- Orienteering is also known as “The Thinking Sport” because you always have to be thinking about which ways you should go, which one you should go to things.

Fact 2 - At each point there is a control marker which makes a hole on your page that proves that you have been to the point.

Fact 3- When you are playing the sport you always have to have a map of the place so that you can know where to go.

Fact 4- Anyone can go Orienteering whether they are young or old, whether they have broken arms, legs or anything; anyone can go Orienteering.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Howick Historical Village Trip

My favourite thing from Howick Historical Village was when we went to school because I found that that was the whole reason we went: to learn about school in the past, and that was exactly that. Mrs Mills (the teacher) was strict but was kind in some ways.

Outside, there was a girls line and a boys line and the girls went in first. Mrs Mills started talking strictly before we even got into the classroom. The year we were pretending to be in was 1850.

Inside, after Mrs Mills got us seated she started to talk to us about Queen Victoria and how she was going to rule so many countries. Queen Victoria lived in her castle in Great Britan, England and Ireland from 20th of June 1837 till 22 January 1901 when she died. Queen Victoria was only 18 when she became Queen. She ruled over Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Ireland and of course England and others.

Secondly we had to do handwriting and write:
whatever you do, do it well.  It was a bit hard writing cursive writing because we were writing with different pens than usual and we had to have it perfect and we don’t normally do handwriting anymore.

After that we had a spelling test: girls vs boys. The Scorekeeper was Kilisitina and the girls ended up winning: 11-4.

The last thing we did before we went out was we learned about money in the past and what money children liked to have and what money fathers liked to have. Children liked to have pennies and fathers liked to have notes so they could put it into his jacket and it would make him feel rich.

Everyone was amazed to see that Mrs Mills wasn’t scary but just talked really strictly because all the other classes said that Mrs Mills was scary and was really mean but she wasn’t.

I don’t think I would have liked to go to school in the past because the teachers are very strict and the rules were very strict as well like there was a rule that you are not allowed to write with their left hand and if we did we got whacked with the rope.

My favourite part of school was learning about Queen Victoria and how many countries
she ruled because it was cool to not only learn about school in the past but also learn about Queens in the past.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Te Wairua Tapu

Dove- The Dove symbolises the Holy Spirit because it is also a symbol of Peace.

Finger of God- The Finger of God symbolises the Holy Spirit because it also is a symbol of Healing and Helping.

Cloud- The Cloud symbolises the Holy Spirit because it also is a symbol of Heaven.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reflection Term 2

My favorite thing so far this term would have to be logging on to my Maths Whizz account and starting up because it is always fun to go on something new and that was really fun.

I found my Gloss test my hardest thing so far this term because some of the questions were really hard, but at least I am going to learn more from it.

I really enjoyed doing my presentation about Easter and All About Me because I love finding things on the internet and I like making a presentation instead of just a google doc.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Holy Spirit

All these pictures are symbols of how the Holy Spirit came in the Bible. The Fire is when the disciples had flames above their heads and when the burning bush talked to Moses. The wind is before the disciples had flames above their heads there was a huge wind then the flames. The Water is a symbol of when Moses parted the red sea for the Israelites to go through.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

All About Me

I did this Presentation because I have finished all of my work and I needed to practise using Google Presentation. This Presentation shows what I want to be when I grow up, my favourite food and more! For more information check it out!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball Session 1

“Please sit down” said Coach Bruce. “These five people go and stand by the cones”. They were the team leaders. As Bruce gave us all a number we went and stood by the person who had that number on their hands. My team leader was Salote.

The first game we played was called, “Dribbling Relay” where the whole team had to dribble the ball around the cone before the other teams finished. The second game was called, “Dribbling Cones” where you had to dribble the ball and turn your colour cone over at the same time. The third game was called, “Run and Shoot” where you had to dribble the ball and run and shoot.

Our team didn’t win any of them because all the best players were in one team. All of the games were competitions against the other teams. Each team had their own names. One of them were named Breakers, Lakers, Power Rangers, Giants and Bulls. I was in the Breakers.

I really enjoyed Basketball, I just need to practise shooting because I was the only one in the team who didn’t get the ball in the hoop. I look forward to next week's lesson and the lessons after that.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holy Faith Sisters

The Holy Faith Sisters are nuns that were started by Margaret Aylward. The Holy Faith Sisters main aim was for children, especially the ones who were orphans.

The Holy Faith Sisters started our school so that orphans could go to a school and so that the both rich and the poor could get an education for little money.

They came to New Zealand in 1958 and started our school.

Drama Presentation

In class during Drama we have been learning to speak clearly and how to speak into a camera.  We learnt lots about this last term and here is a snippet of everyone's progress. Check me out!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Zealand Project

 This Presentation was not done in Class time but in my free time at home for homework. No one else in the class has a New Zealand Project. I did this to practise my presentation making skills and I thought it would be fun finding information about where I live. I hope you enjoy. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Koro Art

The big Koro's are the waves and the little ones are trying to fight them away from their land because they already have some of the children from the land.

School Emblem Desciption

The Cross in the middle reminds us that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

The Water reminds us of healing from water when we get baptised.

The top of the circle reminds us that Jesus will light up the way and we will never be in darkness.

The bottom of the circle reminds us of God’s creation.