Thursday, November 28, 2013

Camp Bentzon At Kawau Island

Last Week, I spent the week at Kawau Island. It was our Yr 6 Camp and we went to Camp Bentzon. I hope you enjoy my presentation!

This is our dance: 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Maui and The Big Fish

This is a animation that I did not do but I did write and record a script to go with it. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kawau Island Camp Next Week

Next week, I am going on Camp with the rest of the Year 6's. We are all going to Camp Benzon, Kawau Island. We are going to be on a bus for about an hour and a half and then hop onto a ferry and go for 8 km to Kawau Island. Camp Benzon is on the North Cove of Kawau Island.

At Camp Benzon, there are a lot of different activities. There is a Burma Trail, A Fitness Trail, Abseiling, Sailing, Kayaking, Raft Making, lots of swimming and lots of different Sports! There is a built in Volleyball Net and a lot of flat ground for touch games and all that. There is also a Adventure Playground there.

The thing that I am looking forward to the most is the Kayaks and the Sailing. At camp there are 26 Kayaks there and 10 Optimist Yachts. At the camp we are going to be on a Optimist Yacht. For the first time, we are going to be with a partner and the second time, we are going to be by ourselves. I am really looking forward to doing that because I am never be on a yacht before and at the Year 5 & 6 camp I went on a Kayak for the first time and I really enjoyed it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Mum's Birthday

On Friday it was my Mum's Birthday. We celebrated by making her a Breakfast in Bed Special. We all woke up at about 6.30am and started cooking eggs, bacon, french toast and we were also trying to put together a tray that looked awesome! My little sister's jobs were to keep our Mum in bed and out of the kitchen!

Once all the cooking was done and the tray was ready, we took it into our Mum's room and hid behind her bed because she was in the bathroom at the time. When she walked in we all jumped up and shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!" She had a big smile on her face as she climbed back into bed to enjoy her yummy breakfast. After her breakfast had been eaten we all set off for school and our Mum went back to sleep!

After school, we ate the cheesecake that she wanted before setting out for dinner. She wanted to go to a Mexican Restaurant in Mission Bay so that's where we went. She had invited a family friend over for dinner and to stay the night. After dinner, My Mum and Grace (Our Friend) went to a concert together. They got home late but happy, apparently the concert was AMAZING so we were all happy. 

I was happy for my Mum to have a great birthday and I hope she felt great. She is a awesome Mum, the best in the entire world! So......

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Maths DLO 1

This week in Maths, Mr Marks gave us the task of creating DLO's (Digital Learning Objects) based on our 7 questions that we have to do every week. So this is my first one. Enjoy :-)


This is a movie that HannahJennifer and I made. It shows us all singing. We hope you enjoy:-)
This is a video of us singing. We hope you enjoy :-) from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Can This Summer Get Worse? (Re-Written)

During the weekend, I decided that my first piece of writing wasn't really up to standard so I re-wrote it on Saturday later afternoon. I hope you like it :-)

It was a hot summer and work was harder than ever. The rice was dying quicker and the workers were getting slower and slower. Richard Henan, owner of the crop farm was getting worried. Every night after a long day of work he would send his workers home, have a quick dinner, shower and drop into bed. He had a few sleepless nights worrying about everything, about his workers, about his crops and about his health. Would this be the summer that it all goes wrong?

“Okay boys, we have two weeks to harvest these fields before they die,” exclaimed Richard as he pointed out towards all the crop fields. “I know,” he continued, “that this summer is extremely hot and it’s going to be hard but I believe that we can do it!” There was a loud shout and then everyone spread out and started work.

BANG!!! Richard raced to the west field, as soon as he heard it. “What has happened!?” he shouted fearfully. No one answered and he couldn’t see anyone. “Is anyone here?!” He continued yelling as he ran looking everywhere.

“Ahhh,!” Richard heard someone call out and sounding scared and hurt. He ran around the corner and saw two of his men lying on the ground. “What’s happened?” Richard now sounded scared.  His workers started talking “There, there, was a, a….” “A What?” Richard cried. The workers, named Jeff and John needed to be rushed to hospital but at the end of the day, Richard still had no idea what had happened.  

But he was determined he was going to find out.

Meanwhile, the sun had been shining hard and a lot of his workers were getting badly sunburned. Even though they were all wearing rice hats, the sun was just too hot for their bodies. Soon some of the workers started to get sick from the scorching, hot sun. Their heads were starting to spin and they weren’t feeling up to working anymore. Richard had to send all of the sick workers home for two reasons; one, so that the other workers wouldn’t get sick and two so that they can get some rest and hopefully get better soon.

“Okay, welcome everyone.”  It was the beginning of the first Saturday and Richard was leading his morning meeting, “today the main focus is to just finish off your half of the field.  I know that half of us are at home, but that does not matter to us!” Even though, he sounded enthusiastic, he had never felt so worried. As the men spread out talking as usual, Richard got back to work finding out about the accident two days before.

“Okay!” Richard had gone next door to the farm to ask some questions, he had a feeling that the accident had something to do with them so off he went to find out.

“Let me see.”  Knock! knock! knock! The door opened and a friendly smiled appeared. “Ooo, hello Richard what brings you here today?” “Hello Harold, sorry to disturb, but two days ago, two of my workers were put into hospital.” he started.  Richard told Harold everything and by the end, they had each finished a coffee and a packet of biscuits.

“My Bull broke opened his fence so that may have been the bang, since his ring is quite close to your field, but I put him into the barn until the fence was fixed so I’m not sure about the rest, I’m afraid,” Harold told Richard. Richard thanked him and returned back to the fields where he went straight to the west field.

When he got there, he saw a bent garden shovel and picked it up. He then headed towards the hospital with the shovel. “Hello boys!” he said as he entered the room where both his men were recovering. Richard was happy to see them both sitting up and reading the daily newspaper. “Oh, hey boss.  How are things?  We are both so sorry that we can’t be at the fields now.” John said happily. Richard answered, “Fine, fine I just came to ask you again, what actually happened on the fields?” Jeff decided to talk this time since he had a better memory of the time, “We were both harvesting when John heard a bang, he got so frightened that he grabbed his shovel and started running, he ran into me where the shovel hit me hard. Of course he was hurt too because he didn’t mean to run into me, the shovel seemed to bend on me but peirce into his chest which made it hard for him to breath.” Richard finally understood, he was happy to know what happened but was surprised at what had really happened, he expected something much more action packed but never mind about that, at least they were okay now.

The situation wasn’t so great back at the fields, more of the workers had been sunburned and had started to feel sick in the same way. It was the end of the day so all his workers were leaving, “Bye boss, see you tomorrow!”, “Yeah see ya!” , “Have a good night sleep and will see you tomorrow!” All Richard’s workers were happy which was good and so was Richard.

It was now Monday and already some of the rice and corn had started to die. It had only 25 workers left and there was still a whole lot of work to do. The men were getting sicker and sicker each day which made work harder for the ones that were left.  He didn’t want to do this but, “Hey cousins, aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces I am in Vietnam and my crop fields are nearly all dead! I need help urgently.” He had just sent out a message to all his family in other countries on holiday. He didn’t know if they would actually come since they were probably having a wonderful holiday but it was worth a try. Within the next day, he had another 30 people helping him. He really hoped that they wouldn’t get sick or dread being there working while they were supposed to be on holiday.

Richard was delighted when he heard his cousin say, “Richard, thank you SOO much for letting us come here, the weather is so hot and wonderful compared to the country we have just come from! Plus this keeps us fit and working!” Richard was very surprised but replied back, “Ohh, no, thank you…. You have helped me so much, I thought that I would have to give up on these crops!”

By the end of the two weeks, his family and himself had harvested nearly all of the grains and his workers were all back to full health. The summer had turned out well after all. To thank his family and workers that had lasted, Richard cooked them all a big dinner with of course, lots and lots of rice and corn! Richard stood up, “A toast, to all my family who sacrificed their holiday to come and work here, Thank you, thank you all so much you don’t know how much you have helped us!” There was a cheer followed by a silence… an eating silence!

The End

Testing This Term and This Friday

At the moment, the whole school to testing. I have already done my writing, maths and I have just finished my reading test. I am feeling really good about my Maths test, in the middle about my reading test, not so great about my writing test but I am glad it's over.

This Friday is Athletics Day. It is my first Athletics Day at Pt England so I am really excited about it. I am in Takitimu  which is yellow. I am really excited about this Friday, the only thing is I am still looking for something yellow to wear. Anyway, I will probably get something soon.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Writing Test

This is my test piece of writing. I think that my practise ones were actually better than this one because today was one of my off days when I didn't feel in the zone for writing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. :-)

The night had started off well, the fire was going, the tv was on, the friends were over and the yummiest food was coming out of the kitchen. Jessie had decided that she wanted her friend Amy to come over because she came up with the funnest things to do and the funniest. Of course Jonathan wanted Ben over, they were best friends and had been since kindergarden.

It was Friday night so there wasn’t really any good movies on tv so the girls decided to go back to Jessie’s room and get out their stash… of lollies. They had hidden their lollies in a box in a bag under all the clothes in Jessie’s washing basket. “It’s a great hiding place Jess!” Amy said cheerfully, “Thanks!” Jessie replied back, they were both so happy and the rest of the house was too. "Hey, why don't we draw on the boys' faces during the night?!" Amy asked excitedly. "YES!! That's a great idea but we need to keep it as a secret, hide the markers in our lolly bag so they don't think it's us!"

That's exactly what they did in the middle of the night but what they didn't know is the boys were awake, they overheard the girls and decided to stay awake for the night. They didn't want to show that they knew straight away, they had something planned...

The girls were having a great time eating lollies, popcorn and watching tv, meanwhile, the boys were planning something, something that would scare the girls so much they would start running everywhere screaming…. At least that is what they thought.

Amy had suggested that in the morning, they would go out into the farm and look at everything, the animals, the barn and to just sit outside for a bit.

“Lets go before it gets too cold!” Amy had woken up so early because she had never been on such a big farm before and was so eager to find out what was out there. “Amy! It is cold right now, if we wait a hour then it will be the right temperature to go outside!” Jessie was very unhappy she had lost her Saturday sleep in, she got up, put some clothes on and went to go and have breakfast. “Where are the boys?” Amy asked curiously. “I don’t know maybe sleeping?!” Jessie answered sarcastically.

Once they had finished breakfast, they went outside to start their “walk”. Amy really wanted to go out to where the cows were so they took a picnic basket so they could have lunch. “So, these are our chickens.” Jessie started as she walked into a small shed were some of the chickens were laying eggs. “And this is where we get out eggs.” She finished. “Wow!” Amy was so fascinated by it all, “Do you have any horses or ponies?” That was the thing Amy really wanted to see. “Sure, I’ll show you.” Jessie had got over her early start and was excited to show her friend her home.

After they had seen the horses, ridden on them and seen the green house, they started out on their way to cows. “Oh my gosh, they was so hard!” Amy nearly shouted as she flopped down onto the grass. “Yeah, well at least they weren’t out there.” Jessie said softly as she pointed out to where another paddock was, about 500 metres away.

“Amy, Jessie!” They heard a whisper but saw nothing. “Who’s there!?” The two friends asked at the same time. “Amy, Jessie!” There it was again. They were scared now, “Who is there!” Jessie was starting to sound angry now, she hated not knowing what was happening. “Amy, Jessie!” The girls now started to run, they ran and ran and ran until they got back to the house. Jessie woke her parents up and told them all about what had happened. Her parents were as surprised as they were. “Go and see the boys!” Kenny said tiredly and he sat up. Kenny was Jessie’s dad and he always hated being woken up just like her.

The two went into the boys room and saw them on Jonathan’s bed with some sort of walkie talkie thing. “What is that!” Amy shouted. “Nothing, we’re just freaking out the girls, their out with the cows screaming like little babies.” Ben laughed thinking that Amy was Liz, Jonathan and Jessie Mum. “How could you, why do you always have to ruin everything!?” Jessie shouted while she whacked both of them with a pillow.

After the friends had gone home, Jonathan had to say sorry and do double chores for being mean and ruining the sleepover for the girls. Jessie was happy that he got his consequence but wished that he never did it, because she really thought that this was going to be the sleepover that everything were the way she planned. She guessed wrong.

The End