Monday, March 24, 2014

My Banning Cars from Paris Article

On the 17th March 2014 in Paris, France, a law was made banning cars with odd number plates on certain days and banning even cars on the other days. The government had a test run and it seemed to work so they made it an official law.

It was tested to try and stop air pollution in the city. Chemical PM10 caused all the smog in the air with dangerous levels. It was twice the recommended level of pollution, so the government knew that they had to do something. If cars with the wrong number plate drive on the wrong day, they will get fined a lot of money and probably won’t be able to drive the next day.

On 30th July 1979 in New Zealand, a similar scenario took place. The oil was made and came from the East and they thought that they weren’t making enough money by selling it. So they said to the West that they were going to have to pay the amount of money for more oil for less. The West didn’t have enough money to pay more so they started to have carless days, when no one could drive otherwise they would get fined. That went on till 1980 so for a whole year, they had days when everyone went carless.

That is sort of similar to the law in Paris, with the difference being, in New Zealand, there was only one day a week to choose to be car-less, but in France, it is going to be every second day they cannot drive their cars. I think that the new law is good and bad. It’s great that the air pollution is going down and there are less cars around, but if someone needed to get to the hospital or there was an emergency and they only had an even numbered car on a odd number day, they would get fined and wouldn’t be able to get there. Let’s hope it turns out well so that Paris can be a better, safer place for everyone for years to come.

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  1. wow that's crazy! I bet everyone was pretty upset about that. Great blog post. keep up the good work!


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