Thursday, June 27, 2013

Xtra Math

In Maths, we do Xtra Math and today I was doing my subtraction (The stage that I was on) and when I clicked on next, I got Multiplication! I have been on subtraction for a long time and I am so happy that I have finished!:-)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Netball Game

Yesterday, we played probably my favourite game so far. We were versing Remuera Primary. I was laughing the whole time. I might have lost control at some times, but we still won, 10-4. I was sub for the first quarter, wing attack the second and centre for the rest of the game. During the first quarter, wing defence was the one who made me laugh, she had big eyes and whenever I would do something like get the ball when it was actually going to her.

I think that we played really well and we deserved to win. I think that my highlight of the game was when the ball was about to go out so everyone left it, but I jumped for it and I caught it just before the outline. Luckily, we were much taller than Remuera so we could get the ball easy.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Killer Whale Movie/Animation

This is my movie/animation about Killer Whales. Enjoy:-)

Procedural Writing to How to Stand on a Chair. Today Quasia & I wrote steps of how to Stand On a Chair..... Enjoy:-)

Title: How to Stand on a Chair

List of Material.

A Chair.

A person.

3. A leg.

4. Ground

5. Brain

1st: Grab a chair and put it in the right position.

2nd: Choose a side of the chair to stand on and stand on it.

3rd: Choose a hand to put on the chair to keep your balance.

4th: Lift up your arm and put it onto the side of the chair.

5th: Choose a leg to put onto the chair.

6th: Put all your weight onto the other leg.

7th: Lift up your leg.

8th: Put your leg onto the chair.

9th: Put all your weight onto the chair.

10th: Lift up your other leg.

11: Put your leg onto the chair.

12: Get your balance good.

13: Stand up a little bit more.

14: Take your hand off the side of the chair.

15: Stand up properly.

Written by Ana and Quasia

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Dragon Machine (Summary)

George started to see dragons on a rainy Thursday night. The dragons are unseen and unnoticed by everyone...... just like George. So George feeds the dragons moldy cheese and old crackers, but that was when the trouble began. Dragons were with him all the time, but nobody saw them. It was time to seek help, so he went to the Library. He found out about a land where dragons live so he built a big dragon machine and lead the way to the land. Sadly, his parents were very worried about him at home, they looked everywhere until they found him asleep by himself. His parents took him home and gave him a big cake and a dog for being home again.

Monday, June 10, 2013

20 Hr Famine

“Welcome 2013 Famine people” said Mrs Tele’a as people were sitting down and quieting down. It was 20 Hr Famine time and all the people there were fasting for 20 hours for the kids in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. To make sure that we were all actually doing it, we were having a sleepover at school together. All the kids had been put into teams for the night and were given challenges. We played pictionary, charades and we had to make up a chant for our team. I was in the red team with Iron, Tyler, Ata, Vivienne, and our leader, Rita.

Later on in the night Deven from World Vision came over with the ambassadors that actually went to Bougainville to run some games with us and to talk about why we were really fasting. We played a game where, we were a family and we had to find food for each other but it had to be a good meal. We had to build ourselves a house, we had to get clean water for ourselves and we had to go to school. None of those things turned out how we wanted them to. We had dirty water, a house that was falling apart, we failed at school and if I ate the food that we found, I would have hated my life completely!!

Deven talked to us about how that game was actually how families live everyday in Bougainville. All the kids were getting sick because the nurse was never there and the food and water there was making their sickness worse. We did our chants for them and we pretended that it was The X Factor. The red team won so we had to do our chant twice.

I really enjoyed my first famine and I can’t wait till the next one and I actually lasted, I thought that I was going to feel really hungry and just end up going home. I hope that all the kids in Bougainville have all the stuff that they have wanted for a long, long time. I liked knowing that what we were doing was actually helping kids while we were having fun at the same time.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Balloon Rocket Investigation

This term in Extension, we have been doing some experiments. This is the balloon rocket. I did this experiment with Louis, Lucy and Brandon.  Some of the time, we were racing other teams, but the rest, we were just experimenting. Enjoy:-)

Maths DLO Week 5

This is the Maths DLO for Week 5. It is about showing how to figure out how to know which fraction  is bigger. Enjoy:-)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This is our 3rd DLO (Iron, Jordenne and me) so far and this time, it is about seals. The story is about a girl who has to do something about seals in Antarctica and doesn't know a thing about them so her friends helps her. After you have watched this, I am sure that you will know heaps about seals. Enjoy!!!!!!!

The J Adventure

“Ah, what a nice sunny day, it is.” Said John as he started to relax and lie down. It was his first holidays since he started working for the NEWSPAPER and he was going to make it count. He soon fell into a deep sleep on the sand and woke up in shock, he was lying on a bed in a room rocking side to side. “Where am I?!” He shouted as he sat up quickly. He heard footsteps and they became louder and louder, someone was coming.

That man was Captain Jake, the person who had taken him away. Now he had all the answers to his questions. He had been captured by pirates and 2 other men had been captured with him, but from other beaches. John soon got to meet the other men, their names were Jack and Jordan and as they were talking they found out that they have a lot in common. They all worked for newspapers, all on holiday, all were 31 years old and all of them started with a J. Weird ah?

“See you later guys!” shouted the captain as he pushed them off the ship and onto the cold snow of Antarctica. Luckily, earlier on that day, a kind sailor named Josh gave them warm layers of clothes and some supplies to live throughout the cold.

Thanks to Josh, John, Jack and Jordan were warm and were never hungry. They learnt more and more about each other every day, and soon realised that all the people they had met so far, their names started a J. So they named this “Trip”, “The J Adventure”

They started to also find out about awesome animals that they had never seen before. John, Jack and Jordan saw penguins waddling, seals in big colonies, whales jumping from the water, it was all the best thing that they had ever seen. One day, a penguin came right up to Jack and pecked him gently. It gave him a fright and made him jump from his seat making the penguin running just as scared as he was. 

That night, when they were all asleep, Jack was turning and moving and when he woke up in the morning, he felt SO sick! He couldn’t walk at all, he couldn’t even sit up properly. John and Jordan tried their hardest to look after them, but they didn’t have the right equipment to do so. Jack was getting more and more queasy by the minute. Days were going by and John and Jordan thought that they couldn’t do anything more, they were so worried. “Help! Somebody Help! Please Help!” That’s all they could do now.

A woman named Jane came running from what it seemed like nowhere. Jane took Jack back to her house and gave him medicine and gave him all the things that he needed. John and Jordan had to stay there for a couple of nights while Jack was healing up. Even though they were only there because Jack needed the help, John and Jordan really enjoyed having warm milos every night and having nice beds to sleep in because it felt like home.

Jack was much better and Jane had called someone to take John, Jack and Jordan home so they packed their bags (by the way, their bags were VERY light) said thanks and headed to the airport. On their way home, they realised that this was their last time with each other.

“Goodbye John and Jordan, thank you so much for letting me have the holiday of a lifetime and for looking after me when I was sick.” They had arrived in New Zealand and they were saying their goodbyes. The J Adventure had finished and they were going back to their normal lives. “Goodbye!” They all shouted sadly and relieved that they were back home as they walked away in their different directions.

The End
                            Thanks to Mr Somerville for editing my piece of writing:-)