Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holidays Day ???

During the Holidays, I can never keep tract of the days, it's pretty hard when I don't go to school. For the past 4 days, I have been in Tauranga, I still here for another 2 days then I will be heading home. I am in Tauranga because me and my sisters are on a little holiday with my Mum's twin sister and her family. It has been great being here but sometimes I get a bit bored.

Since I have been bored a lot, I decided to write a acrostic poem. Enjoy:

H appy because there is a lot of food, friends and family around

O ver tired from late nights spending time watching movies with whanau

L aughing, a lot of LAUGHING!!

I ce-cream nearly every night.

D arling Aunties, Uncles, Mums and Dads

A wesome water fights

Y es! There's presents

S uch Fun!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Holidays Day 1


It is the Christmas Holidays 2013. These are my favourite holidays because they are longer and I always get to see my cousins, aunties and uncles from overseas, it's great! These holidays, I am going to try to post each day to let people know what Holidays are like. 

I am just heading off for a barbecue with the family so I hope that's cool!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Reflection

Kia Ora, 2013 is coming to an end and I want to reflect on how it has turned out. So, read on to find out how 2013 has been for Ana Va'afusuaga.......
When it comes to my teacher, things are a bit different because I actually have four main teachers (Mr Marks, Mr Somerville, Ms Garden and Mrs Tele’a) ! So I have the benefit of four experts giving me the most helpful tips that I could learn from. This year, my teachers have taught me lots of new things as well as adding to the stuff I already knew.

In writing; the difference between editing and proofreading. In reading, well a WHOLE lot of things in reading! While I read, I find out about a whole variety of other topics, like how things work and what things do. In maths, this year, the new strategies and all the new facts has been challenging which is great because over the year, I really think that I know much more that I did when the year began. My teachers have been really good at explaining new concepts and expanding my skills. One thing in particular that we have learnt, is knowing many different ways to work out the solution to a problem. I’m sure that will come in so handy in my future.I have also become confident in different areas, including presenting, editing, producing, filming and animating.
One of the people that I look up to is Mrs Burt. She has taught me to never give up on things that you believe will make a difference. She started off as just a classroom teacher and now look at her, she is travelling around New Zealand and the world, telling other people about the way we learn in our new digital classrooms. There have probably been many times that she could have given up, but she didn't, she keep on persevering. That is what I hope to be like in the future.

My friends this year have taught me a lot as well…I am very blessed to have such good friends. The beginning of the year was a bit hard because I was new to my school, but now, it’s like I have known them forever! Whenever I am stuck on something and the teacher is busy, I can always just go to a friend for help. One of my friends has helped me with my animating, and another has always been there when I am stuck with something like when I don't really understand the question. My friends are pretty awesome.

I think that I have helped other kids with my blog. I post 2-4 times a week and I am pretty sure that at least some kids read it. I also try to be the best role model that I can be to kids younger than me by trying my hardest all the time by being kind and looking out for people that might be struggling or left out.

I have really enjoyed 2013. It has been a year full of challenges, learning, creating and loads of fun. I have had really cool teachers and cool friends. Thank you to all of the teachers that have taught me this year. I am learnt a whole heap of things from you. Also a thank you to all of the people in my class that have become really good friends of mine and that have helped me get used to my new school. I am really looking forward to 2014 and all the new challenges ahead!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stop, Think and Do Movie

This is our Stop, Think and Do Movie. A while ago, a group of people from P.E.S wrote and recorded a song about Stop, Think and Do. Some of us from Rm 16 decided to make a movie to match the words. So here it is..... Enjoy!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Milk Animation

This is my Milk Animation that I have been working on all term. I hope you enjoy it and hopefully find out something new. 



Kids running around - Because it is fun running around at night eating lollies with friends.
Lollies - To add some food or “fun”
Scary - That is just what people think makes it more fun.
Night Time - To make it scarier.
Dressing up - To add something else to it.

Halloween is where kids run around asking people for lollies. I don’t celebrate halloween and I definitely don’t go around trick or treating. I think that halloween isn’t cool at all because it is evil and I think that it is dangerous for little kids to be running around at night going to strangers houses. I don’t like halloween because it is all about the evil ones. It all started in the U.K (United Kingdom) where people started thinking of a day when all evil things come alive but I think that it is just fake and definitely not true.

This halloween, for me is going to be at a light party at church. It is a great time to have fun with friends and family. I reckon that this is the way halloween should be celebrated.

The Weekend Trip

During the weekend, my family and I went down to Tauranga to visit my Mum's twin sister and her family. We left at about 4.30 on Friday and got to their house at about 8.20! So yeah, it did take a while. We stayed till Sunday afternoon and we had a great time.

The main thing that I did in the weekend was probably read. I read two and a half books during the time I was there. My cousin's favourite game is Minecraft and they like joining each others servers so each day, everyone spent an hour playing with each other. That was pretty cool too!

My highlight of the weekend was definitely seeing the cousins again and just spending time with them. Since my Mum is working, we wouldn't have been able to go and see them till next year! Non of us wanted that to happen. My lowlight was having to leave my Dad behind because of his course. I didn't like that very much, I really wanted him to come with us.

The End....

Me from Year 6 to Year 7

This is me this year, I think that I have done well this year, I have been in Extension, played a lot of sport, been a presenter on PENN, been to about 3 camps and much more. So this is me this year.
This is me next year. Next year, I am going to be a Year 7. I will wear a jacket and wear a black hat instead of a red. Next Year, I hope that I can make a TON of movies for the school, go to tech and maybe show some of the visitors around the school.