Saturday, January 11, 2014

Holiday at Paihia

For the past 5 days, I have been in Paihia, which is a small town in the Bay of Islands. I went with my family from my Mum's side. We all stayed in a church and sleep on mattress on the floor. I had a great time there and I really wished that it could have been longer.

On the first day, we just settled in, set up our beds and had our present time from Christmas since we hadn't already done it. My favourite part from that day would have to be throwing down the mattress from upstairs and seeing everyone.

The next day we went to the amazing Waitangi. We had a great time and when we went into the meeting room for the special performance, my Dad got picked as the chief. It was the best one that I had ever been to. It was also cool because we saw my Aunties from my Dad's side there.

Wednesday was really cool, at 9.00am we all walked down to the wharf and waited to get onto the ferry. We were going on a trip to the famous Hole in the Rock. It was a awesome experience because not only did we get to see the Hole in the Rock and all of the Bay of Islands, we got to actually stop at one of the islands and we also got to see lots of dolphins jumping next to us, it was great!

Thursday morning, we all went down to the field to play some games. We got into groups and played games like sack race, egg on spoon and stuff like that. That was cool until it started to pour down with rain. That afternoon the kids went down to the circus. My brother, my cousin and I didn't enjoy it so we went to have ice-creams instead.

The last day wasn't cool because we were leaving, in the morning we went to the beach and then we started to pack up. It was only my family who had to leave but the rest stayed for another night, we had to go because my Mum had to go to work. On the way back to Auckland, we went to a fish and chips shop which had the biggest hamburgers, so big that I couldn't eat them and the biggest ice-creams! I got a kiddie cone and it was still big! We also got to go and see some of our friends in Ruakaka which was cool.

I loved my holiday in Paihia. My favourite thing about it was the ice-creams, the family and the trips to awesome places. I am looking forward to my birthday as well in 3 days and it's cool because some of my cousins are coming to my house to stay for a week.