Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 2 2014

The new Term has started and has started nicely with our Immersion Assembly. The topic for this term is "I like to move it, move it" which is basically science but that sounds better. Each team has a different kind of science topic connected to "Move It"=
Team 1 - The Zoo (How the Zoo Keepers work and what things at the Zoo are also at their homes)
Team 2 - Flight (How things fly) 
Team 3 - Light - (How does light make different colours and where does it come from) 
Team 4 - Buoyancy and Floatation - (Seeing what floats and sinks and how they do it)
Team 5 - Sound - What are the different kinds of sounds and how we hear sounds.

Team 1 showed a movie about when the teachers went to the zoo during the holidays to find out a bit. Ms George then talked about what they were going to do this term
Team 2 Did a dance with the teachers dressed up like a plane, pilot, fairy costumes. Ms She was dressed up as a fairy so she moved the teachers with her wand.
Team 3 teachers dressed up with different colours to represent light while Mrs Barks talked a bit about light.
Team 4 Showed a video about Buoyancy and Floatation and asked questions from the video to everyone.
Team 5 teachers went up and did a dance/song then showed a music video that they made during the holidays.

The hall was set up with helium balloons making a pathway in the middle and along the front of the stage. The different ways the teachers showed their topic was pretty cool. Sound and Science sounds very interesting and I am looking forward to learning about it and I am sure that Term 2 is going to be a great term full of fun and learning.

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