Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiafia Night 2014

Senior hip hop fia fia from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
Wednesday night was a great and special night……. It was the 2014 Fiafia! I was in the Senior Hip-hop group which was pretty cool, especially since most of my friends were in it as well. As soon as I entered the school gates, even before I could see anyone, I could smell the nice food and hear all of the loud laughter of happy kids. I kept walking with the senses getting stronger and stronger until I could see everything, it was packed! I ran to where my friends were started walking around all of the stalls not buying anything, but just looking.

Everyone had to stay outside till 6pm when the doors opened and everyone was able to go inside their changing rooms and get dressed and ready for the night. Most of the groups had cultural costumes which took a while to get into but our group just wore their normal clothes to dance in, so we had an hour to just chill before the big night. During that hour, we watched the beginning of the movie, Are We There Yet?

When we heard the call out saying that everyone had to go to the stage now, we turned off the movie, lined up and started walking down the hallway, out the Library and finally to the mat we were going to sit on. The Senior Hip-hop was sitting near the front infact, there was only one group in front of us and they were the junior Kapa Haka group. Our teachers were Miss King and Ms Paget, but the person who actually made up the dance was a Yr 8 student, Mele.

Our performance was after the Bollywood Salsa and before the junior Tongan girls. We were actually one of the first ones, we were 4th to go up on stage. When we walked up onto the stage everyone was black because the light was all on us not them. Even though, when we done there, it was loud and we could hear everyone cheering, when we were up there we could hear anyone, it was like it was just the music making noise. I think that we did well and had a good night.

I also had my two sister’s performing so that was pretty cool. My youngest sister was in the junior Samoan group and I think that they did really well and my younger sister was in the Pacific Contemporary group which was really cool, they all were in long red dresses and all the kinds of different pacific dances. My favourite two groups was the Senior Samoan group and the Yr 4-6 Hip-hop group. I liked them because they were different to all the others and exciting to watch.

This Fiafia was my last one because it is only every two years and I am a Yr 7 so the next one will be when I am at college, I will still come but I just won’t be performing. I really enjoyed this Fiafia and I think that everyone did really well!


  1. Hey Ana:-)
    How Point England?? Your sooo lucky to be Participating in a Fia Fia Night:-)
    I loved watching your Dance and all the other dances. Hope you has fun.
    Take Care and keep up the Awesome Work
    From Sonya @ Saint Pius X Catholic School:-)

  2. Hey Ana,
    I really enjoyed reading your Writing Experiace about the Fiafia night:-)
    Keep up the Awesome Work!!!!


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