Friday, May 16, 2014

Masterchef Winners Kasey and Karena

Kasey and Karena Bird where the winners of Masterchef NZ 2014. This year’s Masterchef Series was Masterchef Duos and the sisters decided to enter together. The 27 episode long competition was a very exciting series to watch and I am sure to do too.

Masterchief started on 1998 and it has been going for a long time. Since then it has been going on till this very year….. 2014. But finally they have announced the winners. Which were……………… Kasey and Karena Bird.

Kasey and Karena bird were really extraordinary cooks to get that far in the show. They made amazing foods and desserts. I mean who doesn't like desserts? Well I do. Anyway, Kasey and Karena were really fair during the contest. I’m glad that they won!!!!

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