Monday, March 16, 2015

Mrs Tele'as Birthday

This morning, the 16th of March was Mrs Tele’a’s birthday. Team 5 sang Happy Birthday to her when she arrived from a meeting but something else was about to happen. Everyone was already sent off to their classes to start work. Students were spread out in the street and in their classes when suddenly, loud music started.

Some of the boys started jumped and cheering, “Choo Hoo!!!” Mrs Tele’a came in and started to perform in the middle of the circle with the boys. Students from every class started to come in and soon, it was a circle with people Samoan dancing in the middle. Miss Peato came out and lay down on the ground, Mrs Tele’a put her foot on her back and started to dance. Mrs Tele’a was wearing a green puletasi with a leaf print on it. She pulled it up to show her Malu, a Samoan tattoo for females.

It was really cool to share a part of her birthday with her. She is an amazing teacher and Team 5 wouldn’t be the same without her! We all hope she has a great day and a great year!
Happy Birthday Mrs Tele’a!

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