Thursday, March 5, 2015

Miss Peato's Birthday Surprise

We had just finished our morning Waiata and everyone expected Mr Wiseman to put his guitar away but he just kept on strumming. Miss Peato who was trying to announce the morning notices, looked very confused. Mr Wiseman just kept going and it was a different tune to the Waiata so we knew he wasn’t trying to see our normal song again. Miss Peato was very very confused along with the rest of us. Suddenly Mr Wiseman went behind Miss Peato and kicked the door to the green room.

Out came Miss Clark, Mrs Moala and Mrs Tele’a all singing, “Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday Miss Peato! Happy Birthday to you!” Miss Peato suddenly realized what was happening and a massive smile spread upon her face. All the teachers had laes and Mrs Tele’a gave one to Miss Peato while she blew out the candles on the cake Miss Clark was holding.

After Miss Peato blew out the candle, everyone clapped. Most of us didn’t even know that it was her birthday so it was a surprise to many people. Miss Peato carried on with her notices and we started the day. All the staff had some food for morning tea and the Yr 7 & 8 teachers ate the cake at lunchtime.

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