Monday, August 11, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact

This morning in Extension, we had the chance to play a game made by Stephen Knightly from INGAME. The game is called Astria Countdown to Impact and the objective of the game is to save Astria from an Asteroid which will destroy the planet and everyone living on it. You are selected to be the Alpha Leader and you have to find out information then use the information that you get to destroy the Asteriod and save the planet.

We got to work in partners because I think and they agree that we work better together. You have 99 days to start with and the days get lower and lower so it is sort of a time trial too. At the end of our time today, we had 72 days left. We found lots of clues to the solution and lots of information. When you find information, you get credits and you use the credits to upgrade your spaceship which you will use to destroy the asteriod when the time comes.

I really enjoyed playing it and I would recommend it to others because it is challenging but fun at the same time. It is not like most games when you click on a button, it does it itself, you have to do things your way which I think is really cool. More posts will come this week when we play more of it so you can find out how we are going saving the planet!

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  1. I am following this with interest Ana. Keep the updates coming

    Mrs. Burt


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