Monday, August 18, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact Week 2 Day 1

This morning, we started the Astria Countdown to Impact Game that we started last week Monday at Extension again. We started again because last week's version had bugs attached so they got rid of the bugs so we could actually finish the game. I was glad to start again because after a few practices, I finally understood the game properly. It was really good but some parts, I found confusing and didn't realize what the better thing to do was until I had completed it, incorrectly.

After only one session, I have almost completed it. If you read my older post from last week Monday, you will see the objective of the game and some more details about it, here is some main points of the game. You are chosen to be the Alpha Leader and have to save the planet, Astria from a Asteroid that is getting closer and closer to the planet. There are three solutions to saving the planet and you have to discover different information and figure out what solution is the most credible and which solution is the right one that will save Astria and everyone in it from annihilation. Once you have researched everything, you present yourself and your information to the city council, but I only have 99 days to start with and they get lower and lower the longer you take. At the end of today I have only 39 days left.

Today, I got up to the part where I have already been to the council and they have agreed with me that the solution that I picked was the right one. They gave me some money to finish upgrading the spaceship so Aoen, my helper can help me fire it toward the Asteroid. I was upgrading my spaceship when everything started to fail, I couldn't click on anything only the back button. It seemed like a sign to put it away and leave for the next day, even though I had only been on for 30 minutes. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finish it and save Astria and finish the awesome game INGAME created.

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