Monday, June 23, 2014

The B.A.R Key House

In Extension, today we have had a little look at the 20 thinkers keys. We have only realy researched two of the keys and this morning, we had a look at the B.A.R key. 
B stands for Bigger
A stands for Add
R stands for Replace.
After we drew our original image, we rotated around the room looking at other people's images and editing them using the B.A.R key. So the second image was done by some of my classmates, not me. I hope you like it! :-)

This is my original image of my house.

This is my house after it was adjusted by the B.A.R key.


  1. Hi Ana,
    With your house, I have made your window bigger. I did this to let more sunlight in and also because you house was pretty simple. I didn't really know what I should change. Anyway, your BAR key looks great!

  2. Hello Ana,

    I have made an adjustment to your drawing. I added the Chimney, due to the fact that it looked just a little bit plain. I forgot to add fire, because it was time up and it was time to move. You did an great job creating your house!


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