Monday, June 9, 2014

Book Review

Book Title: The Bed and Breakfast Star
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Reviewer: Ana Class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 3
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This book is about a girl named Elsa and his Mum got married again and since then she has a new brother and sister, she's been kicked out of her house because her step dad, Mack who she hates, lost his job and they couldn't afford the house any more so they are living in a bed and breakfast hotel. She starts to get to know the other kids who live in the hotel and she really likes them. She doesn't like her school but her Mum and Mack don't care because they are too busy trying to get a new house for their family.

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  1. Kia Ora Ana,
    That book that you have picked out looks like a very cool book that people should read. Its has nice vocab in it and it is exciting. I might read it next but I have to finish of my one that I am reading now though.
    Keep up your fantastic work Ana.

    From Lizara


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