Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Google Expedition

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“Google Expedition, what’s that?” I thought to myself as I read the timetable for the day. The bell went and as I walked into the street, I saw 25-30 Google Cardboard spread out over two picnic tables. At first I couldn’t remember what they were called but I knew I had used them before.

During the notices, Mrs Tele’a announced that group by group, we were going to be using Google Cardboard. I remembered, the extension group went the GEGNZ Student Summit at Hobsinville Primary School earlier on this year and we had the privilege of being able to experience Google Cardboard.

My group was the second group after morning tea to experience the Google Cardboard and from watching others before morning tea go through, I was pretty excited. As we walked in, we all received a Google Cardboard to use and we were then told what we were going to do. Mrs Tele’a or Mr Clarke would pick a location and it was like we were teleported to another place.

Our first locations were in rainforests and we had to try and find certain insects or animals hidden in the leaves. The hardest one for me was trying to find the dead leaf mantis because it looked like a dead leaf and in a habitat that is mostly leaves and trees, that was pretty hard to find.

Next, we were taken to famous buildings around the world. We went to the Palace of Versallies in France and we were taken to the 43rd level of The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. At times, it was scary because it felt like we were actually that high in the sky. Lastly we went up into space and saw the earth from the other side and we went to the moon!

I enjoyed the experience and even though my neck was sore afterwards, it was fun and totally worth it! I hope to do this again soon and this time go to more places around the world!

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