Thursday, October 15, 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 4 2015

Term 4 2015 is here and as always, it started off with an awesome immersion assembly. During an immersion assembly, teachers from each team perform a skit or show a movie to introduce what they are going to be focusing on for the term along with the school wide topic. The topic for this term is PES Survivors - outwit, outsmart, outlast.

First up was Mr Burt where he showed the school a movie he made about a fiapoko parrot who thought he was the business and annoyed everyone around him until the fiapoko parrot hunter came and killed the parrot. He was dressed up as the fiapoko parrot at assembly as well.

Team 1 is learning about animals and their habitats so of course, they are going to be visiting the zoo this term. During their item, there was a karaoke competition where volunteers from around the school competed for the winning prize. All the competitors sang to the same song of Roar by Katy Perry and passed the mic along. The winner was chosen by the school using a clap-o-meter. Marika from Room 15 won the competition and the prize of a trip to the zoo with team one.

Team 2 and 3 are learning about dinosaurs but the difference is team three is creating dinosaurs where team two is researching the history of the dinosaurs and how they didn’t adapt to their new lives and that’s why they died out and became extinct. One of the teachers from team two dressed up as barney the dinosaur to have a little fun while showing the school what their doing. Team three showed a movie after they explained their dinosaurs that they made up.

Team 4 are learning about animals and their habitats as well but their learning is probably more complex than team one’s. Team 5 teachers performed a skit for the school where the teachers were contestants on the show Survivor. They had a contest on who could finished a bowl of noodles using chopsticks. As expected, Miss Clark who is from Tibet won the competition because she knew how to use them where the other teachers from other countries didn’t.

This term, we are going to be learning about animals and people in different places and how they adapt to live their lives. I think that this term is going to be interesting and exciting and I think that we are going to learn a lot! Keep an eye out on my blog to find out what I find out this term!

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  1. Great use of vocab Ana, I like the use of words that you learned from assembly, it's clear you paid close attention and it's resulted in a well constructed piece of writing. Job well done! :)


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