Monday, August 17, 2015

GEGNZ Student Summit 2015

Our group playing a game while the news was being edited at our presentation

Google for Education Group New Zealand also known as GEGNZ had their first Student Summit this year at Hobsonville Point Primary School in Auckland. This was an event that the Year 7 & 8 Extension group attended. Because it was held in Hobsonville, we had to leave early before school around 7.15am to get there on time. The day was full with presentations, learning and lots of students.

The day was split into six parts, four sessions and two breaks for morning tea and lunch. In our groups, we were allowed to pick what session we wanted to go to. My group presented in the second session after morning tea. Our presentation was on PENN (Pt England News Network) our school news network, around 20 students attended and during the session, we showed them what PENN was and they had the chance of creating their own PENN episode. It was a fun session and I think they learnt what we wanted them to.

In the day, I learnt how to make online quizzes that you can share with friends, classmates and teachers. I learnt how to create a game using Scratch and how to take 360 degree pictures. My highlight for the day was our presentation because we got everyone in the group to participate and become part of the news. Also, we got to play games while the news was being edited which was really fun. I enjoyed the day and I would like to go to another one sometime soon.

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