Friday, July 3, 2015

Term 2 2015 Reflection

Term 2 is coming to an end now and I am are half way through my final year at PES. Term 2 has been full of opportunities, learning, fun and for me, getting to know the people in our team (Yr 7 & 8) better. Even though, there haven’t been any really big events, I feel like this term has been great! I have especially liked our Inquiry topic, Tinkering Tools and Toys and I feel like I have learnt lots in Maths.

For the first 5 weeks of the term, Team 5 was learning about WW1 and the events that occurred during that four year period. I enjoyed that because when I have learnt about WW1 in past years, I didn’t really learn much so this was really good for me. In our Zeal Zone groups, each teacher had a different class. There was cooking, history, P.E, music and art and in every class, we learnt something new.

In the last 6 weeks, we were focusing on trying to make Pt England better. Everyone in Team 5 got in groups and created something that they thought would make the school better. My group, the Instrumentos (Which is Spanish for tools) came up with the idea to repaint our hardcourts because they don’t have much colour and we think that it would make Pt England a more beautiful place for students, teachers and visitors to our school.  

Along with my normal maths class, I am a member of the Extension Maths group who are seen each Wednesday by a high school teacher from Tamaki College. At the beginning of the term, I was feeling like I was the only one not following the progression of the rest of the group but as the term went on, I understood more things and now, I can keep up with everyone else. In my normal maths class, I have learnt about pi, areas, perimeters, volume, surface areas which has been challenging but it has been good to learn all these new things.

In Literacy, we have been focusing on looking between the lines and interpreting what the author is trying to say. That has been quite challenging for me but I have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed reading different stories, poems and articles about war and other topics. I have published many presentations on my blog.

I have learnt lots this term and I have really enjoyed it. Another improvement has been doing the Koreros on Fridays at Assembly that the prefects do along with Mr Burt each week. At the beginning of the term, our Koreros were alright but they needed improving. I feel that we have improved a lot but we still have Term 3 and 4 to get better! I hope that Term 3 can be as excellent and exciting as this term and maybe even better!

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  1. I like your reflection of term 2 Ana, and feel you have put a lot of thought into coming to your conclusions. I look forward to reading term 3's reflection and hope that you feel the prefects Korero each week have improved like you had hoped they would.
    Love Mum


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