Friday, May 1, 2015

Zeal Zone - Art Symbols

This week in Zeal Zone, we were in Art with Ms Tito. We had to find a symbol or create one to remember the soldiers who fought in the Wars, instead of having poppys, having our own symbol. I couldn't decide which one so you can let me know in the comments. :-)
I drew these flags to represent the Allies, they joined forces to protect their homes.  
I drew this cross and hat to commemorate the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for their country.
I drew this letter to represent all the letters that were sent back to New Zealand with the words, "Killed in Action"


  1. hi that is so cool to do that

  2. Hi Ana,

    I liked all of them and thought that the last one was the best. When I saw the drawing and thought that could be any kind of letter until I read what it said on it. I thought that was the best part of it to remember the men who fourth in the war.

    From Talita


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