Monday, December 1, 2014

Term 4 Extension Symbolism Movie

Term 4 2014 is ending soon which means Extension will be too. This terms theme for the whole school was Art Attack. We have been learning about a different kind of art. The tattoo. If you have been reading my blog this term, you will notice that a lot of my Extension posts have been on Symbolism. We learnt all about Samoan Tattoos and what all their symbols mean. One of our many tasks was to create two tattoos of our own. This movie shows and explains the two tattoos that I created and what they are all about. I hope you enjoy my movie and find out something about me!

Ana - EXT - Tattoo Design from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

After this term and making this movie, I have learnt more about Samoa and its history of art. I probably won't get a tattoo myself but for me, it is great to know more about my culture. I think that if anyone wants to get a tattoo, it should mean something that is close and precious to you because a tattoo is a great way to represent your family culture or yourself. I am so happy that I finished this movie because it is the one task that I enjoyed because it was something that represented me. I also enjoyed it because it is probably my last movie task for 2014. 

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  1. Malo lava Ana. I'm happy to read that you enjoyed learning more about your culture and what is important to you. I think you that you've done a good job here explaining our learning, creating and sharing in extension this term. I'm looking forward to seeing you grow in your learning and understanding in the new year. Malo lava le taumafai Ana.


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