Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Day at University

Its the second week of the holidays and today, I went in with my Dad to Massey University. I sat with him for three lectures which was interesting because I got to see what a lecture room looks like. Two of the lecture rooms looked like an American classroom that we see in the movies where there are rows of desks and one desk up the front for the teacher or in this case, the lecturer. It was really cool to see what it is really like for an university student.

The day started with a little tour of all the little study rooms, the photocopy stations and all the different lecture rooms that my Dad goes to. I have been before but only inside the library, the library is really cool because each level has a different colour so all the chairs on that level is the same colour which is cool.

My Dad is studying to his degree in accounting so the lectures were about tax, auditing and integrative accounting. I enjoyed my day there mainly because I got to spend time with my Dad while he showed me his school and what he normally does because he's been into my class and he knows what we do but I've never actually seen my Dad's classes in action. I always pictured big rooms, lots of people, men in suits but it was nothing like that in the first and second class there was only about 15 - 20 people in the room so very different.

In the last lecture, the room was quite big and it was what I thought all the rooms were going to be like in the first place. It was seats with desks in front of them going down toward where the lecturer was with a microphone and a big desk. There were about 45 people in the last one so that was the biggest one of them all.

My day was quite long and tiring and I didn't even take notes of what they were talking about. I can't believe my Dad does this 2-3 times a week and manages to study at home too. There is a lot to take in while the lecturers are talking and if I were a student, I would get tired after 10 minutes and ask to go outside but we were in a lecture room for about five hours today. It still overwhelms me that people can stay awake let alone listen and write notes. But I really enjoyed my day and maybe I will be able to come back one day. :-)

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