Monday, February 24, 2014

The Pt England Way - Explanation

In our school, we have the Pt England Way. The Pt England Way shows attitudes and behaviours that are expected at our school. We get a new korero each Friday at assembly to work on, those add to the Pt England Way. Korero is the Maori word for talk, it is also used as the word for saying or phrase. The Pt England Way started a long time ago when it used to be called Belonging to Pt England.

Belonging to Pt England started in 2001 by the teachers at the school and Mr Burt, one of them was Otalani Melesia, one of the teachers at the time. It was changed later to to The Pt England Way. Mr Burt, our principal and our prefects are the ones who write the koreros now. It also makes us happy when we listen to them. When we listen to the koreros and the Pt England Way, we can learn better and get along with everyone as well. It also helps our teachers when we behave, it makes it easier for them to teach us.

The three P’s, Partnership, Protection and Participation from the Treaty of Waitangi also take part in the Pt England Way. The Pt England Way helps us to stay on track when we are falling off. Even though we don’t say it, we actually use the Pt England Way everyday in our work and play.

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  1. Hi Ana! That was quite a good explanation. This definitely taught me something or two about the Pt England Way and it's history. I cannot wait to read more from your blog. Maybe you could've written some of the past korero's in your explanation. Anyway, great work Ana.


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