Monday, July 30, 2012

Netbook Description

I use my Netbook to help me with my learning and it is very special to me.

My Netbook is shiny, rectangle, mini and black. If I lift up my Netbook, I can hear a ssshhing sound coming out of the bottom. When I log on to my Netbook after it has been shut down it makes a ‘dan dan’ sound. My Eee pc Netbook is smooth on the top and rough on the bottom. It is light to carry and warm when I have used it lots.

My learning tool is normally in my classroom and at night in a C.O.W (Computers on wheels) to charge. When I take my netbook home it is either in my bag or in my hands while I do my work.

My Netbook helps me to learn lots and gives me lots of information from the Internet. It allows me to get onto the Internet and it is a great learning tool.

I use my Netbook for my work. When I am using my Netbook I have to make sure that I am cybersmart when I am on the Internet and be responsible when I carry my Netbook.

I think my Netbook is really special to me because I am one of the first people in New Zealand to have a Netbook for my school work and because I really enjoy doing my work in a different way.

My Netbook is a learning tool and another way to get onto the Internet. I need to remember to be responsible and cybersmart whenever I use my Netbook.

Smart Legal

Today we looked at what being Smart Legal is.

I am 9 years old and I am not allowed to own a  Facebook account, Bebo account, Twitter account, and any kind of Google account. Also I am not allowed to download things that aren't mine, copy and paste other people's work and take random screen shots.

The reason why I am not allowed to own a Facebook account, Bebo account, Twitter account and any kind of Google account is because I am under age. Downloading things, copying and pasting things and taking random screen shots are all against the law.

Friday, July 27, 2012

What do I know about London?

Facts about London:

The Continent that London is in is Europe.

London is the biggest city in Britain and Europe.

London was the first City in the World to have an Underground Railway.

There are over 100 theatres in London.

London has a population of 7 million people and it is still growing.

Maths Reflection Week 2

Learning Intention:  Convert between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers.

I learnt that an Improper Fraction (5 4/2) is a fraction that is more than one whole.  A Mixed Number(15/6) is a fraction that isn't right. 

I am still not fully sure but I think with more practise I should be able to understand completely.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Taekwondo was started by General Choi Hong Hi in 1954-55.

Even though in Taekwondo you are allowed to kick the other person’s head, it is not dangerous to practise.

General Choi Hong Hi(the person who started Taekwondo) started Taekwondo to defend himself against his enemies.

Any age group can do Taekwondo.

Taekwondo was upgraded to a more modern sport in the 20th century but the real Taekwondo was made in 1954-55.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Olympics 2012 Presentation

The Olympics are starting next week! So I did a presentation about it. This presentation will tell you a few things that I know about London, some sports that are in the 2012 Olympics and more! Take a look!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Describing Writing Week 1

In Writing, we are learning about Descriptive Writing. I practised thinking up Descriptive words of different things. Take a look!