Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Magician's Life That Got Changed By a Theif

“Yaaa, Hooo, yeahh, whoohoo!” Shouted the crowd. Bob the magician was the only magician in town and this was the “Show of the month” Everyone was really excited about his show because it was full of tricks, laughter and of course.... Magic! His show was about to start and Bob was very nervous.

He stepped onto the stage and the crowd went wild! After a few tricks, he was getting tired and started to look around instead of focusing. He saw a sign saying “WANTED: JACK DOER” with a picture of the man below it. At the bottom of the sign, it said “REWARD: $100, 000” and to ring 968 7489. He kept on watching for the man because he knew that he could buy whole new equipment if he got the money.

The show was coming to an end and Bob hadn’t seen the man yet, but he kept on going. On his last trick, people started walking around at the back of the audience. Bob kept his eyes wide open to see anyone that looks like JACK DOER.

“There he is!” He shouted to himself. He looked back at the sign, then at the man, back to the sign, back to the man. He was him, he was JACK DOER. He quickly ended the show and called the number on the sign, the police answered. They were outside his tent in about 10 seconds and JACK DOER was taken to prison.

After JACK DOER was taken away and there was only one police car left, the police officer came up to Bob and gave him a cheque of $100, 000. Bob was so happy, he left town and bought himself a whole lot of new magician stuff.

The next show that he had, he didn’t catch a criminal, but he did have the best show that he had ever had. Those shows kept on happening until, he become so famous, he had to go to other towns and even other countries to do shows.

Friday, May 24, 2013


This past week, Iron, Jordenne and I have been working on our second DLO. It is full of information about Whales. Enjoy:-)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maths DLO Week 3

This is this weeks DLO for the questions. It shows you how to solve a fraction question. I will post another one next week. Enjoy:-)

Zoo Trip

Since my sister spent her holidays in hospital, the social worker there decided to give us zoo passes. So on Saturday, my family headed to the zoo to have a fun day. When we first got there, we decided to go to the pride lands (the giraffes, zebras.....) 

After seeing about 20 different animals, we had some lunch and talked about the day so far. Everyone said that all the animals were really cool and they just want to stay there all day. We then started to pack up and start looking at more amazing animals.
The last few animals that we saw before it started raining, was the tigers, Aussie animals and the farm animals. My favourite animals were the otters and I also liked the oldest animal in the zoo, Janie. Janie is 57 year old chimpanzee and she has been in Auckland zoo since 1956.

I really enjoyed going to the zoo and I can’t wait to go again soon!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Iron, Jordenne and Ana Digital Learning Object

This is the DLO that I have made with Iron and Jordenne. It is about Penguins in Antarctica. We have been working on it for the last week in reading with Mr Somerville. Enjoy:-)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Assembly This Morning

Today at assembly this morning, most of it was about what WILL.I.AM said and did. It was also a lot about our blogs and our school work.  There was the draw for the person who posted in the holidays. Lesieli and Darius won the awesome phones. After that draw was done, there were some more draws for smaller prizes like bottles, hats, balls and more! I got picked out and I got a GOOGLE bouncing ball.

Mr Burt also talked about how YOU NEVER KNOW WHO'S WATCHING YOU and how we didn't know, but people were watching us blog and work hard. Of course, he did the normal thing that normally happens in assembly, he gave out the duffy certificates and he welcome our newest student to our school, Winnie. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Awesome Visitor

 Today, we had the amazing, the awesome WILL.I.AM came to our school to give Manaiakalani  a huge koha, a cheque of $100,000!! It was a surprise and we didn't find out that it was him till just before he came in. Of course, there was a lot and I mean a lot of media at the back of the hall. When he first came in, there was a lot of photos taken and a whole lot of oooohhhhing and aaaahhhhing!

Students and their principals from 8 of the manaiakalani schools came as representatives to accept the cheque. So when WILL.I.AM gave the cheque and by the way, it was a big one to Mr Burt, he gave it to the students from the other schools. At the beginning, the kapa haka group their a performance and so did the snr hip-hop group. As our koha back to WILL.I.AM, we all sang the school, strive to suceed song. At the end, he even sang some with us. (Just by himself)

He talked about his early life and how his main dream was to help and look after his mum, he said that music made that happen. His friends were the ones who were always there for him and they were the ones who helped him. So he told the year 8s to pick good friends that will support you in the future. There was also a presentation from the Hallenstein Brothers to thank WILL.I.AM for the koha that he gave to us and also for what he has done for them. 

After the assembly, all of the students went back to their  classes and the media interviewed WILL.I.AM. After the interviews, he went to some classes with a HUGE line of media and people following him everywhere. We were sooooo lucky, he came into our class and had a look at what we were doing. Of course, everyone wanted him to come and say hello, but he didn't have the time.

Pt England School and Manaikalani is very, very thankful for what he did for us.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Graph Antarctica

Today, I watched a movie showing some scientists in Antarctica diving in the sea. Our teacher (Mr Somerville) showed us the data that they had collected. He showed us that the temperatures get colder and colder and then it starts getting warmer and warmer as it gets deeper.

Monday, May 6, 2013

These are the Photos from Te Puru...... Enjoy!


This is the girl's beds!                Some fish bones from the beach!

This is the backyard                                   Seagulls on the broken jetty.


My brother shooting some hoops!     The lunch and dinner table

The cloudy sky                                      Another view from the deck

The garage and the sleep out

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last Day of Holidays

The last day of the holidays! Tomorrow is school and the thing that I am not looking forward to is getting up early, but everything else, I am so looking forward to it!!  I will post some more awesome fun photos sometime in the week, but first, I have to wait until they come through.

Catch you later!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Holiday Day 13

Whoo-oo! Whoo-oo! Whoo-oo!!! She is out of hospital!!!! She was discharged today at about 1.00pm but then, we had to pack up all of her stuff and come home so we only got home now. She still isn't walking properly, but she can walk with crutches and she has a wheelchair.  It is great news and the best thing about it is that we can go to the beach bach for 2 nights with her. So we are off probably in about half an hour because we have to pack and get ready. 

Sorry guys, but sadly, this will probably be the last post I do before school starts because I probably won't be able to connect to internet out there. Hopefully, I will post on Sunday when we get back, but if I don't, I will probably post sometime in the first week of school! Catch you guys later!

P.S Enjoy the rest of your holidays:-)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Holiday Day 12

YAY!!! My sister has been given the news that she doesn't need to have another operation. (By the way, she was going to have to have a operation before she left hospital) All she has to do is learn how to swallow pills and she has learnt how to do it so it is a HUGE +++. Unfortunately, she has to stay in hospital over the weekend, so she won't be able to go to school for the first couple of days f the term. 

On Saturday, my Mum and I are driving down to Te Puru which is north of Thames to pick up my 3 other siblings. If I haven't mentioned already, my Aunty came from Tauranga to Auckland to pick up my 3 siblings and took them back to Tauranga and they left to go to Te Puru yesterday. All of us were to supposed to go down for the week, but sadly, my sister got really sick and had to go into hospital. Anyway, we are going to spend one night in Te Puru and then drive back up to Auckland on Sunday. 

Which means, tomorrow's post might be the last one before school starts again because I might not have any internet or connection because we are going to be staying in a bach, but you never know, we will see then... Have a good night and I will catch ya later!