Friday, March 30, 2012

Holy Week

Holy Week is the last week in Lent and the week that leads up to when Jesus died on the cross.

On the first day of Holy Week Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey. Everyone put palms down on the ground for the donkey to ride on. That day is called Palm Sunday because the people put palms down and it was a Sunday.

On the second day Jesus went up into the mountains to see the leapers. The leapers were suffering so Jesus healed them. Leapers have a disease that makes parts of their body slowly fade away to nothing. In those days the leapers all lived in the mountains together to stay away from the people who had no disease. Also that day when he went to his Father’s house, (the temple) he found that the people had turned the temple into a market place. Jesus got so angry, he pushed all of the stuff onto the ground and shouted, “GET OUT!!!!!!” All the people ran out, scared.

On the third day Jesus had the last supper with his disciples. In that supper Jesus broke the bread and shared it and he also shared the wine. He called the bread his body and the wine his blood. Also he said, “Remember me like this.” The last thing that happened in the last supper was he said, “ One of you are going to betray me.” The Disciples were all shocked.

On the Fourth day Jesus went up the Mountain to ask God to take away his pain because he really didn’t want to die on the cross, he was fully human so he could feel all the pain that we would. As he prayed he realised that he had to die on the cross....That was the whole reason he came down to earth in the first place.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Opinion

This is a video of some talented people doing a performance. My opinion of the video is..........
I thought the video was cool because some people turned the peoples glow lights off and on and it looked really cool! The two things that I didn't like about it was that the screen went black and it stayed black for a while and I was thinking what's going on? The second thing is that the lights went on for some reason and nothing happened and then they started dancing again. But the rest of it seemed like magic!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Whitney Houston Presentation

This is a presentation of the famous singer and actor, Whitney Houston.

The Caterpillar Life Cycle

In Reading this week my group read a story about a boy, his grandfather and two caterpillars. In the book it talked about the Life Cycle of Caterpillars so this is a presentation of the Life cycle of Caterpillars.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Describing Rubbish

Compost is made up with fruit skins and cores and rotten food. It can be disgusting and stinky.

Things that can be recycled are empty cans and empty bottles. Recyclable things can be cracked and smashed.

Trash is everything else that you think is rubbish. Trash are things that are damaged, unwanted and broken.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 6 Studyladder

This is my "Gold Trophy" certificate on studyladder. Studyladder is a website that we use for maths. I earned this certificate by doing things on Studyladder and doing them well.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Jesus Title Page

This is the Jesus Title page that I did last week. This year we do nearly all of our work on the netbook so we can't do a title page in our book. I have chosen the two symbols, the candle and the bible because I have always drawn the "Candle and the Bible" in all my title pages and because the Bible has made a difference in my life so I have decided to draw it. The candle is just I have always wanted to draw it for some reason.

The Four Cyberpets

The Four Cyberpets
Octopus - Si
Stingray - Snuffles
Jelly fish - Curly
Turtle: Kaha

There once were four cyberpets called Si the Octopus, Snuffles the Stingray, Curly the jelly- fish and Kaha the Turtle. They all lived in the deep blue sea with a lot of different sea creatures that were very friendly. They liked to play together with other sea creatures in the northern sea when they travailed together.

The games they liked to play most are Hide and Seek and Fish, fish, shark! The four best creatures likes to eat seaweed, sea bugs and mermaid tails .The four Cyber friends lived together in the octopus garden with their parents and families.
One day the four friends were watering there garden,then suddenly they couldn’t see  anything, only glass in the middle of nowhere.They were trapped because,some fisher men were fishing by the cyberpets garden and they caught them .The four cyberpets called and called for help but no one could hear them because they were stuck inside glass.

They were so worried that they would never see their parents again.They didn't want that to happen to them. They tried to swim back but they were stuck. Then when a little girl arrived she saw the  four cyberpets and she asked the man “Can I please have those pets because I am so lonely and I have no friends and I am very sad.Please can I have those pets” So the man said “Okay,” But sadly they never got to see their parents again. So the four Cyberpets lived happily ever after together with the girl.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Chosing Time

This afternoon Miss G said that we could have some free time. We could chose from three things: Studyladder, Tux Typing or the Recycling Game. I chose the Recycling Game. This Picture is the final score of the Game for me.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Aussie Trip

On a early Monday morning, my Mum came and woke me up. I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen to have breakfast. Can you guess why I was so excited?..... I WAS GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!!!! So cool! My Dad and My sisters, Talita, Jedida and Malia also woke up to take me and my Mum to the Airport.

Soon everyone was ready and we were on our way to the Airport. I was so excited I couldn’t sit still!

When we got to the Airport me and my Mum had to check our bags and give them to the Airport staff. After that we went up to the next floor. Up there we took photos of the girls against a wall. Mum said we should go to the toilet first, then we had to say goodbye, so we did. Next we went through security check and we could see them again. We waved again and then we left to go on the plane! I was so excited!

On the plane me and Mum watched a movie called “Dolphin Tale” It was a really cool movie that I watched it twice! Near the end of the trip I could see Melbourne from the plane and it was so cool! While I was looking at the view the pilot said, “Welcome everyone to Melbourne, Australia!” I was really excited now!

After we had landed and done our security check we went to go and see my Uncle, Uncle Lucas and my two younger cousins, Tamakaha and Aroha. I was so happy to see them! I hugged all of them and said hello.

On the way home we decided to lunch at a shopping mall called “Eastland” I had a burger from Red Rooster. My cousins had chips from Red Rooster as well. When we got home they showed me and Mum around. I played with Kaha and Aroha while Mum talked to Uncle Lucas.

At 5.00pm Aunty Heather came home. While she made dinner I continued playing with Kaha and Aroha. We played with Kaha’s cars and his puzzles and played with Aroha’s puzzles. Soon dinner was ready so we went into the kitchen.

The next day Aunty Heather went to work and Kaha and Aroha were going to Daycare, so it was just Mum and me. We decided to go to a shopping mall called “Knox” and we shopped there for a very long time.... 5 AND A HALF HOURS!!! By the time we got back everyone was just arriving home. We did the same thing again that we did the last night, then it was time for bed.

The next morning we were staying home so I could spend some time with my two special cozies. That day was one of the happiest days of my life. You guessed it …...we did the same thing again, Have dinner, get ready for bed, and actually go to bed.
The next day everyone was out again so Mum and me decided to go into the city by train. We looked online to see when the trains were going and all that. On the train I took pictures of Melbourne. When we got to the city we were looking for someone who could tell us where the Aquarium was, then we were on our way.

In the Aquarium we saw lots of animals like penguins, sharks, tons of fish and stingrays. First we saw the penguins, next fish (Well fish were like everywhere on the way!) And last the sharks and the stingrays. After the Aquarium we decided to have lunch. But we couldn’t find the one we were looking for so we just went to Mc Donalds.

That night Mum and Aunty Heather went out to a fancy Restaurant and a girl from their church came and baby-sat us. She is like the best baby-sitter ever, I really liked her and I wish I could see her again. We watched a movie called “The President's Daughter”, it was a cool movie. In the middle of the movie Aroha vomited so we stopped the movie and cleaned it up.
The next day Aroha was really sick so Aunty Heather took her to the doctors but they said that it was just a virus. But the next day (My Birthday) she was even more sick so Aunty Heather took her to the hospital then Aroha had to go to another hospital in an ambulance with Aunty Heather behind. On the way there Aunty Heather’s car overheated so she had to take it to the garage.

Meanwhile we were at home and decided to go to the hospital. When we got there we saw them and stayed for a while then went to a shopping mall called “Chadstone” and watched ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwreaked’. Before we watched the movie we had lunch. I had a KFC Krusher and spilt it on my pants so I went and bought some other clothes and watched the movie.

The next day late in the afternoon Mum said I could go to Bec’s house with Kaha so I did. We watched a movie and went to the park. That day was the last day me and Mum were there so Aunty Heather took me and Mum out for dinner. I had Smag Boll, Mum had pizza, Aunty Heather had pizza and Kaha had chips and a slice of Aunty Heathers pizza. For desert I had a muffin but it turned out to be yuck and I had a sore stomach for the rest of the night. We went back to the hospital and said goodbye to Aroha and Aunty Heather and went home.

The next day we went on a plane and came home. I really miss all of them so much and some nights I look at a picture of Kaha, Aroha and me for ages just wishing I was there again. I also miss Bec and wish I could see her again some time soon.

St Pius X Catholic Presentation